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January 30th 2018


behavior has becoming the fabric of our generation; and as a result chromic
conditions and early mortality have inflicted many people. A study was done to
examine the correlation between daily sitting and physical activity and
TV-viewing time and physically activity. Sitting is evident in many of our daily
activities; everything can be done from sitting in a chair. As students most of
the hours in the day is spent sitting; from the classroom, to the library, to
the dorms. Therefore, sitting is unavoidable, but if we lack physical activity,
then we become more vulnerable to the detrimental effects of sitting. Many
American are fortunate enough to have a TV this makes watching TV a well-loved leisure
time activity. As a result, people watching countless hours of TV increasing their
risk of developing chronic conditions and early mortality much more than daily
sitting. In the study, thousands of participants provide data on how many hours
they sit, exercise, and watch TV. The results showed that the individuals who
were the most active, meaning they exercise 1hr/each day even though they sat for
8hrs a day had a low risk of early mortality. In essence daily sitting did not
lead to detrimental effects regardless of the countless hours they were sitting
during the day. On the other hand, those who were not as active, meaning they
exercise 5 minutes/each day and sat for 4 hrs a day had a greater risk of early
mortality. Essentially, high physically activity has the ability to undo the
effects of daily sitting. The study was then recreated to examine the
correlation between high TV-viewing time and physically activity. The results
showed that physically activity in general, does not eliminate the risk of chronic
conditions and early mortality, it only reduces the risk. This is because, most
often TV-viewing occurs at night after a long day at work and during dinner.

Moreover, much of their leisure time is dedicated to watching TV instead of
physical activity and as a result the individual has gained a lot of weight and
might be obese. Furthermore, unlike with sitting, individuals that watch TV
tend to watch countless hours in one sitting; binge watching their favorite TV
show or having a movie marathon. Sitting is a more spread out sedentary behavior
therefore its effects can be counteracted with high physical activity. On the
contrary, physical activity can only reduce the detrimental effects of high
TV-viewing time because of its lasting effects and the harsh toll it has on an individual’s
body and health.

            The article was shocking and very interesting
to read. It made me realize the damage I cause to my health when I indulge in
Netflix binges and movie marathons. Watching TV is one of my favorite leisure
activity. However, I never really thought about the consequence that it has on
my health. Growing up my mother would tell my siblings and I that watching too much
TV is bad for our health. I would ignore her, because I thought it was just my
mom being a mom, but it’s nice to see the data behind it. As students much of
our day involves sitting which is understandable, but even though we have to
learn we must also learn to take care of our bodies.

So, while I’m
still young I need to get into the habit of exercising more to help ensure that
I have a better quality of life. Furthermore, as a society we need to retreat
from spending so much time in front of a TV. Most of society is obese and
plagued with chronic conditions because so many people have grown accustomed to
watching TV as a big part of their day. For many it’s a form of therapy and a
way to unwind which is reasonable, but we need to open ourselves up to feeling
the same euphoria towards physical activity. Lastly, it was very striking to
see the strong and last effects of high TV-viewing time it really puts things
into perspective as to how something so loved can have so many detrimental effects.


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