Dancing only reason – taking control over

Dancing is the best
alternative to the gym. The popularity of numerous shows devoted to this
activity on television proves that people like watching such performances.
Unfortunately, the number of those who know the real value of participating (not
watching) is much lower. Why don’t you make it your regular practice? It is,
perhaps, the most pleasant approach to keep oneself in good shape and mood, for
both your mind and soul. Benefits of dancing
include more than just losing weight.

Brings down stress

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According to the Journal
of Applied Gerontology, partner dance, like tango can help you reduce stress.
Did you have a tough day? Do you feel you are angry with everyone including
your cat who is peacefully sleeping on his favorite pillow? One of the benefits
of dancing is to help you get rid of those destructive emotions and restore
your balance. Take your partner to the party. Get relief from your anger in the
passionate pasodoble, flamenco or tango.

When evaluating this
activity in regard to its stress-relieving effect, we highly recommend partner
dance therapy. Due to the healing effect of touch, your partner will cure you
simply by holding your hand. This physical contact lessens worries, fear, and stress
of any nature.

Dance exercise was prescribed
to people suffering from social anxiety or fear to speak in front of an audience
for the only reason – taking control over your body when dancing in public your
conquer your psychological conflicts. Thus, you’ll feel less stressed when
you’ll have to produce a public speech.

Conquers depression

Such activity can
cheer you up even if you are all for sitting on your sofa staring and crying.
You just need to make one correct step when you have a feeling that there is a “thunderstorm”
of this kind hanging about. This step is dancing. Don’t let your depression
come out in full force, just take your friend to a party. As the study showed,
patients who attended dance classes coped with the symptoms much efficiently
than those who did not. Let art cure you!

Helps to lose weight with pleasure

A lot of people with
excess weight suffer from lack of disposition to effective aerobic sports
activities like jogging. What is the good in being in sports if you hate doing
it? The most useful activity will not lead to the desired result if you don’t
feel like doing it. Meanwhile, “dance factory” classes offer a splendid
alternative for people who are eager to keep in shape. It is so much more than
jogging or fitness workouts! Even if you belong to the adherent of sport, such
pastime can help you make your active life variable and charge you with
positive energy. What a nice alternative to the gym!

On average, one lesson
in dance class will burn from 442 calories for a person whose weight is about
75 kg. Anyway, you have a wide choice of dances to select one corresponding to
your tastes. Each type offers its intensity and rhythm. If your weight is up to
80 kg, you can easily burn up to 260 calories while waltzing or dancing the foxtrot
but in salsa and hot Latin American program, you will get rid of 500 calories
per hour!

Improves your memory

To grow older and
still keep a right mind, one should take precautions to preserve the mental
capabilities. Regular classes represent a remedy in this
concern. As reported by Joe Verghese, M.D., in the New England Journal of
Medicine, dance exercise is an effective “pill” for dementia. The scientists investigated
its influence on people at the age 75 years and more. The number of
participants was equal to 469. Only the candidates who did not have dementia symptoms
were offered to take part in the experiment which lasted for five years. They
were asked to practice dance exercises regularly. As a result of this investigation,
those people who practiced it at least three times a week suffered from
dementia symptom expression 75% less if compared with those who did it only
once a week or did not even try.

The matter is that this
aerobic activity maintains the part of brain in charge of memory (hippocampus).
Such exercises lower the loss of its volume. This is of great importance as with
age, the hippocampus tends to shrink, which in turn, weakens memory or even
leads to dementia.

Boosts flexibility


Making a daily
contribution to your flexibility with dancing classes means that you will not
just get aesthetic enjoyment from the pirouettes. Exercises in stretching make
an obligatory part of any dance therapy. They offer you a pleasant and useful
bonus. These exercises help to lessen pain in the joints, help to minimize soreness
and revive you after your workout. Get rid of pain with elegance!

Helps to keep balance

When getting older, people
tend to lose balance and fall. To ascertain that you will be able to carry
yourself well through years, start dancing to your pleasure now. It is never
too late to learn to dance. As the scientists report in the Journal of Aging
and Physical Activity, tango classes can develop your balancing and dispel your
fears and worries in this concern. Learning and practicing all those movements
you will take better control of your body.

Lessens the risk of cardiovascular disease

It is high time for
people suffering from failing heart to take dance therapy into account. This
engaging pastime can help you protect your heart. Did you know that waltzing can
boost your “heart performance”? Italian scientists applied this method to
improve the heart health of their patients and were impressed by the results.
According to them, people who walked and used bikes did not gain the level of
improvement offered by dancing!

Serves a meditation session

Meditation is the
first recommended pill for a stressed person. It is also a sure-fire way to
intensify mental action, increase creativity, and improve memory. All you need
to do is to focus on the present moment. Unfortunately, not all of us can
easily disconnect the thoughts and stop thinking about all the daily troubles
to allow themselves do it. Dance therapy can give you that opportunity. Just
like singing, playing sports or painting, this activity helps to dive in the
altered state of consciousness and heal yourself from inside. Thus, you can
cure your mental body and find the answers to eternal questions.

Gives a source of energy


Do you feel exhausted
seven days a week? Well, you badly need to improve your energy level as very
often this kind of feeling precedes still worse consequences (like depression).
It is a signal that you have to take some steps. According to the publication
in The Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition, even a week of
regular dancing can recharge your batteries. Make use of the benefits of
dancing to lead a life worth living!

Helps to make new acquaintances

Dancing in an
organized class helps you expand your circle of people who are adherents of
your style of life and learn more about efficient approaches to a healthy and
wealthy life. Attending classes, you can find kindred spirits who will become
your new close friends.

Did you know that
socially engaged people are more stress-resistant, have a better immune system,
and feel happier? Besides, a friend at court is better than a penny in purse.
You can never know who will give you a helping hand in some precarious

Lights the way to happiness

Dancing stimulates the
happy hormone just as happiness makes you your body whirl. Do you remember children
doing some amazing exercises expressing joy when pleasant things happen in
their life? You don’t need to learn to dance to be happy while doing it! That
is how this mechanism works!

When you are happy,
your brain defense doesn’t have to focus on some obligatory factors to stay
safe and your body language changes. And vice versa, when you dance your brain
receives the signal that your body language has changed and fills you with
happy hormones. The basement of happiness is the sense of safety and freedom. Besides,
if you are eager to intensify your feelings, become a part of the group. Practice
your chosen dance therapy type to your pleasure to feel happy and exchange the
“energy of happiness” with other people.

Of course, this list
of benefits of dancing is incomplete. There are much more of them, and you can
get acquainted with all of them in the class during your first therapy. If you
are not active enough or don’t feel happy enough now you have a pleasant solution
to make use of!