Cybercrimeswill defense. The everyday individuals and businesses

always be an ongoing challenge despite the advancements being made by numerous
countries. Most countries have their own laws to combat cybercrimes, but some
doesn’t have any new laws but solely relies on standard terrestrial law to
prosecute these crimes. Along with outdated laws to combat cybercrime, there
are still feeble penalties set in place to punish criminals, thus doing no
major prevention of cybercrimes’ which affect the economy and people’s social
lives on a large scale by those criminals. Consequently, there is a desperate
need for countries on a global scale to come together and decide on what
constitute a cybercrime, and develop ways in which to persecute criminals
across different countries.

is recommend that until sufficient legal actions can be put in place where
individual countries and global ways of persecution criminals, self-protection
remains the first line of defense. The everyday individuals and businesses need
to make sure they are educated on what to do in terms of prevent in becoming the
next victim of cybercrimes. This basic awareness can help prevent potential
cybercrimes against them.

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It is almost impossible to reducecybercrime
from the cyber-space. Looking back on the many different acts passed, history
can be witness that no legislation has thrived in total eliminationof cybercrime
from the world. The only possible step is to make people aware of their rights
and duties and further making more punishable laws which is more stringent to
check them. Undoubtedly, the different Actswere and still are historical steps
in the virtual world as we know it. This further suggests that there is a need
to conveymodifications in the Information Technology Act so it can be more
effective to fightcybercrimes. Caution should be employedfor the
pro-legislation educational institutions that the requirements of the cyber laws
are not prepared so rigorous that it may delay the growth of the commerce and demonstrate
to be counter-productive to many.Remember, cybercriminals are evolving as well
in terms of computer knowledge per technological advancement made.

Nevertheless, business should employ
practices where their employees follow proper safety practices to ensure that
integrity and confidentially of stored information is kept at all times to
combat cybercrimes. Safety practices like ensuring that staying off game sites
on company time where viruses can be downloaded, forwarding chain emails,
leaving workstation unattended or password sharing over virtual mediums should
be prohibited. With all these safety practices implemented,it can be said that the
safety of many clients stored information is optimal.