Customers the way in which customers are served

Customers became very vital
in business during the marketing in recent past years when companies could
produce what they can sell and not just selling what they can produce as it was
during the production era. Since the beginning of the consumption era in marketing,
the focus on customers/consumers has increased more as the consumption era also
shifts to post-consumption; where organizations are obliged to render more
services in addition to what they provide as offers to their customers. In
fact, their satisfaction is the most important tool that helps to increase
sales and generate profits in the business environment. In order for a bank
offer to reach the customers there is a need for services. These services
depend on the type of product and it differs in the various organizations.
Service can be defined as an intangible offer by one party to another in
exchange of money for Service quality in the management and marketing
literature is the extent to which customers’ perceptions of service meet and/or
exceed their expectations. Thus service quality can intend to be the way in
which customers are served in an organization which could be good or poor. A
loyalty program may give a customer advanced access to new products, special
sales coupons or free merchandise.

Our study shows the three basic aspects of a customer in banking sector
which are service quality, customer satisfaction and banking loyalty in banking
sector. The findings of our study shows that most of our respondents are well
satisfy from banking services provide by different commercial and Islamic banks
such HBL, UBL, NBP, MCB etc in Peshawar sadder. The services provided by the
banks particularly ATM machines are very praised by the customers. The loyalty
provided to customers by the banks was also very good and most of the
respondents were satisfy from that but there were also some major problems in
these banking sectors for customers which should be handled as soon as possible
for their good services we also find out that the banking policies for customer
services and to maintain loyalty with customer should be enhanced more
precisely. The objective of the study was to find out the service quality,
customer satisfaction and loyalty in banking sector.

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