Customer in your business. To achieve customer

Customer satisfaction is key in creating
a long-term relationship with your customers. Giving customers satisfaction
means valuing them. Listening to what customers want means that you won’t be
constantly at odds with your clients. (

Restaurant is one of the key contributor
in Hospitality and Tourism Industry. It provides food and relaxation hub to the
tourist at the same time. Food has become a tourism trend and it is one of the
reason why people travel, to taste and experience different delicacies. Having
a good service to the tourist is one key rule in surviving. Focusing on
customer service is important, no one could deny it. Keeping your customers
happy, means more business. Client and money help business to survive. Keep
your customers happy they could be a source of good mouth in your business.

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To achieve customer satisfaction, food
quality is important. It also consider as a tool of sales, quality of food and
fresh ingredients are also become one of the reason for customer return in the restaurant
( Ryu et al. (2012), suggested five dimensions of food
quality that are food should be serve fresh, delicious food, nutritive value on
the food, different types of menu and appealing of food to customers.

Customers always look for a place to eat.
Something that can give them satisfaction. Everyone craves for new place to
explore, Leganes Coastal Road has become one of the spot for travelling
tourist. Establishments providing different delicacies that can satisfy your
craving. It attracts many locals who want to enjoy seafood and scenery. With
fresh ingredients that surely appetizes you.

Leganes Coastal Road Seafood Restaurant
has become a budget friendly restaurant near roads, even motorist could stop
and eat for a while before travelling again. 
It has become a food destination even for foreign nationals, who would
want to eat fresh and delicious seafood.

and Mila

Bebot and Mila offers budget friendly
food. They also offer different delicacies. Situated along the road of Leganes.
It has been a stopover of motorist who are travelling. It has two branches
along Leganes coastal road.


Kumidor offers healthy, home-cooked food
choices that fits just right for your budget and for your diet. Kumidor offers
healthy, home-cooked food choices that fits just right for your budget and for your


Bugoys offers nice and relaxing area
with a sea and sunset view in the afternoon. You can also hear the sea breeze
while eating. They have unique and peaceful place.  Presentation is good. The place has become
their strength among the others. Attracted nipa hut to dine with.



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