Critically of a foetus before it has

Critically evaluate Medical Ethics
and Legal Issues

Medical ethics and legal issues play a big part in the world of
medicine and patient care. They are the two essential concepts you will need to
consider in order to give the patient full care requirements that they are
entitled to by the law and most importantly as a human. As noted by Hoppe and
Miola (2014) Medical ethics are foreshadowing moral principle with in the
practise of medication. It is a way in order for patient to foreshadow, contend
and justify what are wrong and right decision for them. This is because
everyone has different opinions of what is right and wrong therefore ethics are
put in place in order to give the patent more freedom to make a wise decision
based on their own choices. Herring (2012) this links nicely with legal issues,
which are legally based and has been approved by the court. This creates a
barrier for patients which they cannot cross when making their own moral

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Reported by the NHS (2016) Abortion
is what is known as the medical way in order to end a life of a foetus before
it has been born either by taking special abortion pills or undergoing a
surgical procedure.

Legal Issue of Abortion

As reported by the Department of Health (2015) figure shows, around 185,824
abortions have been carried out legally every year in England between the years
2004 – 2016. Whereas, when you compare it to illegal abortion, an estimate of
10,000 illegal abortions has taken place in Ireland, unless the pregnancy will
cause significant problems and suffering to the mother’s life.  The reason behind this difference in figure is
due to the different laws that have been set in place for these two countries,
even though they are both in the Great Britain.


Stated by Department of Ethics (2007) Abortion in England under the
Abortion Act 1967 has stated to be legal to take on if the foetus is in less
than 24 weeks. Correspondingly many people will argue that it is women’s rights
in order to decide what should happen to them and their body. Therefore, if
they feel like abortion should be taken place due their own personal
circumstance; the Abortion Act 1967 will help them take on their desire through
the legal way. As some may argue that both mother and the foetus are human
however the mother’s significance will weigh more than the foetus as they have
many responsibilities on top of them. However, Department of Ethics (2007) also
reports that in Ireland due to, The Protection of Life during Pregnancy Act
2013, it is illegal to carry out abortion regardless the condition. This may be
due to the concept of people views of how they overview abortion. This is
because many people will believe that abortion create disruption between
society as this act reduces the respect that society has for vulnerable humans,
as many argue that abortion is the same such as involuntary euthanasia, as the
foetus cannot give consent as to what should happen to them whilst in the
mother’s womb. Therefore, these statics goes to show that even if Great Britain
carries out a similar concept to everything that is taken place. The legality
of abortion differs area to area which can be seen unfair to women that do not
have aspects of privileges.


There are many sources of care
and support a mother will usually receive during the different stages of
abortion from when she considers the aforementioned till when she has received
the treatment. According to Lucas (1974) the mother will receive care from the
following professionals: General practitioner, Hospital gynaecologists,
Pregnancy advice service, psychiatrist and many other care professionals. Likewise,
different care professionals will have different opinions about abortion. For
instance, Campbell (2017) argues, that experienced gynaecologist argues for
laws to be put in place in order for abortion to happen with the consent of two
doctors, rather the having to go through a long procedure. This is because gynaecologist
expressed that, The Abortion Act 1967 restricts many women’s from proceeding
abortion in time limits, therefore argues that act could be updated. Campbell
(2017) also argues, that doctors agree with the fact that mothers should
consider abortion if necessary and should not be discriminated against and
should not be punished by any law for having an abortion. This means that all
of these professionals would have to work together effectively in order to
ensure that the abortion was medically effective without harming the mother in
any way. Also, that there are no legal barriers in place that stops them. However,
if these healthcare professionals do not work together then there will be a gap
in the healthcare the mother receives. This will lead to her rights of having
effective healthcare, taken away from her. 

Ethics of Abortion

Abortion is not only a legal
issue that is based around what the law views of abortion are. However, a huge
role is played with ethics and individual morals of how people overview
abortion. A main ethical reason behind abortion could be religion in many
aspects. Lucas (1974) argues that Catholics are very strongly against abortion
themselves as they believe that it is against the idea of conception. This is
because the Catholic Church believes it is a form of contraception that has
been forbid in their religion, therefore proceeding abortion is immoral. Whilst,
some Catholics would argue that if the pregnancy is not under the will of the
mother, then no one has the right to force her to keep the baby. For instance,
if the matter of raped occurred that led the women to pregnancy. Therefore, the
mother should have the right to end an unwanted child’s life. This is because
during the child’s presences it may give more pain to the mother as a horrible
act of the past may still haunt them.

In comparison to Islam, they also
have the same idea and concept about abortion as some scholars say it should
not take place, whilst others state it should. As one of the quote they use to
show the strong reasoning behind abortion should and should not take place is, from
Quran 17:33 ” you shall not kill any person – for God has made life sacred, except
in the course of justice. If one is killed unjustly, then we give his heir
authority to enforce justice. Thus, he shall not exceed the limits in avenging
the murder, he will be helped” (Quran, 2013). This could be
analysed by saying how abortion is a type of murder which is prohibited in
Islam because you are ending someone’s life without their consent which is just
like murder. However, another side to look at it from is that if abortion is
not carried on and the mother life is at risk then that means that you are
still committing murder by putting mother’s life at danger. Therefore, from
analysing this evidence it shows that the religious point of view of abortion
can be weighed up according to different circumstances and people
interpretation of their religion.


In conclusion, these points that
I have argued about abortion are all interlinked with my personal family
experienced with abortion when my mother was undergoing the experience. This is
because abortion was needed to be carried to ensure the life of my mother was
not at risk due to an accident that she had. Therefore, according to Abortion
Act 1967 she was able to take on the abortion as the foetus was exactly 24 weeks;
however she had to face many complications due to her anaemia. Therefore, the
presences of different healthcare professional working together had a huge
positive impact during her traumatic experience. However, on the other side we
also had to consider the religious aspect of abortion in Islam. Whereby, we had
to go to different scholars to ensure that the procedure my mother was taking
was not just medically right as well as religiously right. Despite the fact the
views of different scholars were different; we were still able to continue with
the procedure.  Therefore, I believe that
abortion is a very sensitive topic and there is no right or wrong decision for
it. As being a mother, in a women’s life is a precious gift that no women would
like for it to be taken away from them. However, they are some circumstances
that women are not under control of and will need to turn a blind eye of the
precious gift they are given. 


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