I anything else. I think that God made

I believe in creation. I believe that God created the world. I believe in the bible story of creation, but I think that when they say that God created the world in six days that they might not have meant six days as in what we think of as a days. God could have used evolution to create the world, but I don’t really know if I believe that he did or not.

I believe that Adam and Eve were the first humans on Earth. I believe that evolution could possibly have something to do with how they were created, but I don’t know how. I believe that God made people pretty much exactly how they are and they haven’t evolved from anything else. I think that God made humans special and different than any other kind of animal.

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I think that God created animals pretty much how they are and all the different kinds differently. I think different species have changed slowly over the years to adapt to their environment which has also changed slowly, but I don’t think that all animals evolved from a single ancestor.

I don’t believe in evolution for many reasons. First of all God creating the world doesn’t seem to fit in with evolution, but it could just be the way he created the world.

Also I thought that evolution was just a theory that no one could prove. And whatever proof I saw for evolution I saw equally valid proof for creation too.
I also believe in creation because I was always taught that there is not a lot of proof that God exists you just have to believe that he created the world .


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