Courtroom it has to be good quality evidence

Courtroom Work Group Paper 
When it comes to the courtroom work groups it refers to individuals who work together to ensure that justice is served. The courtroom work group includes judges, prosecuting attorneys, defense attorneys, public defenders, prosecutors and others who earn a living serving the court (Schmalleger, 2015). The courtroom workgroup interacts on a daily basis by charging against any violator of the judge’s courtroom rules, authorizing the judge to impose a fine or term of imprisonment. One thing that needs to improve in the courtroom is that the lawyers need to worry more about proof and evidence then worrying about just winning a case. Lawyers need to be more focused on protecting the people and not worried about how many wins they have in the courtroom. The courtroom was made to protect and serve the people and with that being said the lawyers should focus on bringing more evidence into the courtroom to prove if someone is guilty or innocent (Schmalleger, 2015). Improving evidence would not only bring justice to the court room but also help with the conviction of the right offenders because at the end of the day everyone wants to see justice. 
After an arrest has been made and the police report that follows it the prosecutor is the one who then reads the police report and decides whether or not the arrested should be charged with a crime. The prosecutor determines which cases to pursue is by bringing charges against the defendant, gathers evidence necessary to prosecute the defendant, presents evidence at trial, and guides the testimony of prosecutorial witnesses. After the investigation is complete the prosecutor decides if there is enough evidence to bring the case to court (Schmalleger, 2015). Once the investigation has been completed the prosecutor determines the decision based on the evidence submitted during the investigation. If the criteria for taking a case were more or less stringent depends on the evidence. Depending if the evidence sufficient enough to prove to the courtroom.  When it comes to the evidence it has to be good quality evidence that what was not illegally apprehended and is able to peruse a conviction. If the evidence was apprehended illegally the evidence would be thrown out and then there would be no case due to the fact that there is no longer any evidence to go against the offender (Schmalleger, 2015). That is why the investigation is very important. The evidence is needed so that justice can be served.
Sentencing and forms of punishment
A sentencing is determined by statues and requiring that a certain penalty is imposed a carried out for convicted offenders who meet certain criteria (Schmalleger, 2015). When it comes to punishment there are four main goals. The four main goals are retribution, rehabilitation, deterrence, incapacitation (Schmalleger, 2015). Retribution is a punishment inflicted on a person who has infringed on rights of others and so deserves to be penalized. The second one is rehabilitation. Rehabilitation is restoring a convicted offender to a constructive place in society through some form of vocational or educational training or therapy. The third goal is deterrence. Deterrence is a punishment inflicted as a warning to society. The reason for this is to discourage others from committing the same act as well. The last punishment is incapacitation. Incapacitation is depriving the offender of committing crimes against society. The way to do this is usually through detainment.
Criminal justice funnel and the backlog of case
Our criminal justice system is designed to protect the innocents and give the accused a fair trial. The defendant’s rights can cause a backlog and that means that the defendant has to wait longer in order to get a verdict for their case (Siegel, 2018). In the constitution, it states “everyone accused of a crime has a right to a speedy trial, therefore, the prosecution must not sit around and take their time on filing charges or the accused will be set free” (Smith, A). This was a way to prevent backlog. Another way to prevent backlog is to more money to the justice systems so that more people can help with cases. There is just not enough people to deal with the number of criminal cases there are out there. For example, drug cases murder and robbery have increased over the years (Smith, A). Since the law enforcement and attorneys are short staff they don’t have a lot of time for each case. Hiring more people will help eliminate and reduce this problem.
 The courts decide rather a person is guilty or innocent. Ethic is applied here in the best way as possible. Criminal justice system applies ethics in all areas of law enforcement. The criminal justice systems were built for being fair, honest, and for being truthful as well as following the moral standards of society. This is why it is important for the courtroom to work together to ensure that justice is served.


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