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Costa Rica is located in Central America. The main language spoken in Costa Rica is spanish. There are some other languages spoken but spanish is the main one. The capital of Costa Rica is San Jose. The history of Costa Rica started when tribes traveled south from North America during the last Ice Age between 13,000 and 17,000 years ago. The first evidence of human settlement in Costa Rica comes from around 10,000 B.C. However that was earlier than what was originally thought in 2016 there was evidence that proved life in Costa Rica prior to this and that Costa Rica was Central America’s first place where people settled.In 1502 Christopher Columbus named it “Costa Rica” which means Rich coast. In 1838 Costa Rica was declared as independent country. There are 47 presidents in Costa Rica and the current president is Luis Solis. In 1838 Costa Rica was declared as independent country. Costa Rica is just ten degrees north of the equator which makes it really hot.  Most of Costa Rica is dominated by mountains, valleys, and major volcanoes. One of these volcanoes is located in the Tilaran Mountains which erupts almost everyday. Costa Rica has a narrow strip that separates the Caribbean sea and the Pacific ocean. Panama is to the south and NIcaragua is in the north. Both of those countries share Costa Rica’s other borders. Costa Rica has a 799 mile coastline that contains over 300 beaches. However, we do not realize the volcanoes, rivers, and forested plains. Major cities in Costa Rica are San Jose, Liberia, Limon and mercedes. The culture in Maize is consumed as tortillas,  eaten with rice and beans which is typically eaten three times a day with eggs, cheese, meat, or chicken and with Chayote stew or salad at lunch or supper. The midday meal was once the largest, but the long lunch break has succumbed to a fondness for fast food. The most common drinks that people consume in Costa Rica is coffee, sugary fruit drinks, and soda. Also alcohol is consumed at a very high rate in Costa Rica. Celebrations occur at a regular level like most countries when a sport team wins and election days. Every 15 years upper class women have celebrations marking there 15 years into society. Costa Rica like many other countries have very traditional clothing for celebrations. However, on a regular day men wear a t-shirt and pants. Women wear simple shirts,skirts, and jeans. Music is a very big part of the culture in Costa Rica. There is a love for all kinds of genres such as Calypso, pop, reggaeton, hip pop, and rock. In Costa Rica they celebrate mostly holidays like us such as New Year’s, Easter, and Christmas but on April 11 they celebrate Juan Santamaria day. The population in Costa Rica is approximately 4,930,006 people. However each year the growth rate in Costa Rica is decreasing. In 1960 the yearly growth rate was at 3.64% and in 2017 the yearly growth rate is 1%. People can get from place to place by bus, car, and bike. However, many tourists take shuttle vans because it much easier to travel in. When I went for winter break in 2017 we couldn’t rent a shuttle van because i went with 4 other families and there was no room. In 1848 the Costa Rican flag was designed by the first lady Pacifica Fernandez Oreamuno. It was designed based on the French Revolution because of what the French Revolution Represented; freedom,equality, and brotherhood. They also chose the colors because of the French national flag red,white, and blue. When you are visiting Costa Rica there are some really amazing and unique animals you should look out for. One of these animals is the Strawberry Poison Dart Frog. This frog is unique because it can morph. It can turn from red to black a with navy spots. Another animal you want to look out for is the White headed Capuchin Monkey. When I went to Costa Rica I saw this animal. They are very smart animals because they can use tools as weapons in order to get food. Since I visited Costa Rica I know first hand on what to do there. The first thing you must do is put on a lot of suntan lotion because you can get really burnt. You must go water repelling, ziplining, visit the Arenal Volcano which is great. Costa Rica is truly an amazing country with unique history, geography, and culture. The people and the environment in Costa Rica is truly something special and i want to go back soon.


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