Cosmetic implant removals, rhinoplasty (nose job), butt

 Cosmetic surgery is the process of undergoing changes made physically to our bodies. Marger Berer an editor from Reproductive Health Matters, in London,UK , says, it is a unique type of medicine that is mainly focus on enhancing the look. Facelifts, nose jobs, breast augmentation has always been common for decades. Especially, with millions of people willing to go under the knife to change their features, now plastic surgery has become increasingly popular in social media (Berer). Plastic surgery can have both advantages and disadvantages that need to be looked into. The most common procedures are breast augmentations/ implants, breast implant removals, rhinoplasty (nose job), butt implants, facelift, and a lipoplasty. The reasons why most of these procedures are done is to increase self esteem, but it is important to have realistic expectations about what can be changed.       When you wanna go into a procedure you have to ask yourself, what are my motives to change how I look and ask your doctor about any concerns or questions you might have. We are going to see how plastic surgery can boost your self esteem and how it cannot. A patient’s general health should be taken into consideration when evaluating risks. An important thing to note is that any cut made on the skin is likely to leave a scar but most procedures with professionally skilled surgeons they know how to hide the scars, in areas like under the hair or behind the ears or even in skin folds. Also, excessive bleeding can occur when your being surgically operated on.              Appearance has always been linked to self esteem and confidence. A large amount of celebrities and other famous people are getting plastic surgery to change their appearance and body image, now there is more social expectations for beauty than ever before. People , mostly teens, feel as if they aren’t pretty enough because that’s what our media portrays. Melissa Dittman a Young Leader Scholar, American Society of Business Publication Editors states,  “Many individuals, including health care providers, have preconceived negative ideas about those who elect to have plastic surgery, without fully understanding the benefits that may occur from these procedures,” said Figueroa-Haas, who conducted the study for her doctoral thesis at Barry University in Miami Shores before joining the UF faculty. “This study provides the impetus for future studies related to self-esteem, human sexuality and cosmetic surgery” (Nauert). This shows us that we need to see the positive and negative affect, and to fully understand the procedures from the beneficial aspect of it.            “There may be patients who will never be satisfied with their bodies no matter how much surgery they receive or feel that their life will completely change after plastic surgery,” Figueroa-Haas said. “These are not ideal candidates for surgery and should seek further counseling to address their underlying psychological issues. But for women who seek improvements in certain physical areas, plastic surgery can be a very positive experience” (Dittmann). Most patients that go into a procedure, want to  raise their self esteem and enhance their appearance. But, it might not boosts self esteem because of the psychological aspect of it. Some people have no self esteem and undergoing plastic surgery won’t help them. Rick Nauert, Ph.D., MHF, MHA, PT, has over 39 years of experience in clinical, administrative and academic healthcare, he states. “Very few studies examine the psychological impact of undergoing cosmetic surgery, Dittmann states, and some individuals have mixed results with the outcomes of their procedures or the impact on their personal lives. She advises that psychologists help cosmetic surgeons identify patients who will not adjust well emotionally or mentally after surgery” (Nauert). This shows us doctors need to be aware of the impact that can be mentally unhealthy for patients. Surgeons need to be clear of what can happen when undergoing cosmetic surgery for the importance of the patients health.   words:651Works Cited Berer, Marge. “Cosmetic Surgery, Body Image and Sexuality.” Reproductive Health Matters, May 2010, p. 4+. Academic OneFile, Accessed 21 Dec. 2017. Web.Dittmann, Melissa. “Cosmetic Surgery May Not Improve Self-Esteem.” Cosmetic Surgery, edited by Roman Espejo, Greenhaven Press, 2011. Opposing Viewpoints. PowerSearch, Accessed 6 Dec. 2017. Web.Nauert, Rick. “Cosmetic Surgery Can Improve Self-Esteem.” Cosmetic Surgery, edited by Roman Espejo, Greenhaven Press, 2011. Opposing Viewpoints. PowerSearch, Accessed 6 Dec. 2017. Web.


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