Consumer are considered; competitors’ digital marketing campaigns and

Consumer behaviour changes
are threats to businesses should they not be quick to adapt, especially so in
the brand saturated beauty industry. It has been observed that the new
millennial generation (people born between 1980 to 2000, as presented by Goldman Sachs Global Investment Research (n.d.)) wants to get included,

co-create and be involved as
partners in brands/organisations they are passionate about, an extreme contrast
with the passive consumers of the past. (Fromm and Garton, 2013). Millennials
have also caused the advent of online shopping behaviours and e-commerce sites.

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Shopping online
behaviour has increased over the last few years, with 51% of 5000 surveyed
shoppers in 2016 making purchases online, in comparison to 48% of shoppers in
2015 and 47% in 2014. (Farber, 2016)

Another prominent factor in
the modern beauty industry that offers much potential to Silky Girl is that women
now hold larger purchasing power. This economic power will only continue to
grow and as it surges, businesses must adapt to better serve and market to women
as consumers and decision makers,” (Brennan, 2017).

The Halal beauty trend is
continuously growing, as seen by the amount of specific product launches by
international brands catered to the Islamic demographic (Tay, 2016). As the demand in South East Asia is relatively new, a huge market
potential is present for Silky Girl to tap into. “Faith-based consumer markets,
in which marketing practices, religion, and consumption intersect, is largely
unexplored,” as stated by Aoun and Tournois (2015).

Digital marketing has become an
indispensable and increasingly large component of modern marketing activities.

With the rise of the internet and technological advances, communicating online
has evolved into a fundamental tool unlike any other communication method (Dodson, 2016). To understand the best utilisation of
digital marketing strategies through the use of the internet, two factors are
considered; competitors’ digital marketing campaigns and identification of
target customers: who are they and what do they want in a brand/product.

It is critical to monitor online
presence and encourage engaging others through social media platforms and brand
websites. Through creating good and engaging content, both people and search
engines will be attracted (Frick, 2010), creating buzz around a brand.

Further communication of a
company’s goals and philosophy in digital marketing helps in guiding traffic to
websites and increases high-quality lead generation in social media platforms and
search engines (Florès, 2014,


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