Consequently, we can see from the career influences

Consequently, in order to be
satisfied with my future job and get necessary employment skills, I was thinking
about career influences. As one of the possible scenario, I could give up on my
weaknesses and just choose the area in which I am more confident and improve
these skills more, but, as we can see from the career influences questions,
this scenario is answering only on one question: «What you are good at?>>
and cannot bring you joy. Therefore, in the case to fulfill all my desires and
have a joy of my job I decided to overcome my problems and make them work on

For my personal development
plan, I used SMART model that helps me to build specific goals to achieve more
realistic plan in specific time. To be more specific, I set the goal – be more
confident during presentation and teamwork, share my opinion without
hesitation. In the second stage, to measure my goal I decided to use grade
system in my university. As we have team projects and presentation during the classes,
I can use evaluation of professor in order to check my self-development.
Looking on the attainability of my goal, I think it is possible for me to reach
it in perspective of personal characteristic rather than professional skills.
Nevertheless, this personal improvement can be a push for my professional
skills development too. The goal that I set for me is quite realistic and even
people can see my progress of improvement as I have a specific time schedule.
Probably, this plan will take a one year for me. Through this period of time I
want to concentrate more on my personality to understand myself better to find
the job that I really want to get and after self-improvement, during the year I
will have time to get professional skills depends on the position that I will

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Therefore, to achieve this
goal I need to get more knowledge about business and management to be more
confident. I need to make more research before meetings and also, for improving
my presentation skills I should practice a lot and use flashcards during the
speech to be confident and not afraid to forget important points.




In our society, competition
becoming very tough and there are many graduate students who could not find a
job. It means that it is very important to develop as many skills as it
possible for you, because huge company chooses best of the best. Having basic
skills in presentation, communication, IT and research is mandatory in all
modern businesses and if I want to become a CEO or manager of the huge company,
I need to improve all these skills on a high level. Although you have all these
skills, creativity makes you unique among other competitors. Therefore, to be intelligent
employment I want to improve as many skills as I can during my undergraduate
program. Nevertheless, I mentioned currently only one specific goal I also have
other plans for my self-improvement. However, I am not sure yet about the ways
of achieving these goals as soon as I am a just sophomore student but I hope
that at the end of my second year my goals become clearer.


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