Conflict training is provided, especially within the

Conflict theorists see unemployment as more evidence that others are used in a strong or privileged position. At work, you have a certain amount of power, both over your work environment and with your own life. However, once you become unemployed, you become powerless, desperate for any source of income. Once in this place, a person is likely to take work that is below their capabilities and at a lower cost. The difference in class and position continues to grow.Those who have money have the luxury of waiting for a job that strikes their interest, and not just the job of getting the minimum wage. They can wait until a suitable job is available, or they can continue their education to further improve their situation.The government considers the situation with unemployment as a separate problem. From the government’s point of view, unemployment is associated with a lack of personal training. However, because of this, more and more training is provided, especially within the education system.Although education is key to finding a career and a successful life, it creates many qualified people for positions that do not currently exist. Society should see why positions do not exist, but do not assume that it is people’s fault. Unemployment in many ways affects our society. These four main institutions that affect this are the family, education, health and government. Unemployment adds financial and mental stress to any family. Lack of income can lead to the fact that many families will live without basic needs, which we take for granted.Then they need to contact the social security authorities to survive. Lack of income also means that children often have to lose sight of school activities and sports programs, since the family budget can not be stretched any further. This economic stress can lead to the destruction of both the individual and the individual. Circumstances like this can turn into incidents involving domestic violence, alcoholism, gambling and even suicide. Unemployment has such a big impact on family life. When someone falls under the burden of unemployment, they can lose their reputation as a provider, and a member of their community.


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