“Conception” his reputation and image to win

“Conception” has to do with the creation of Gatsby’s
self; Gatsby is a self-made man financially. Some other details are: his persona,
status, and peculiarities; most importantly, his love for Daisy and the
reminiscence of their little love affair. “Platonic” comes from its noun form
Platonism which means ‘the philosophy of Plato stressing especially that actual
things are copies of transcendent ideas and these ideas are the objects of true
knowledge apprehended by reminiscence’ (Merriam
Webster). Plato believed the world that we live in was an illusion of an idea
or object that is beyond what we humans can comprehend. Gatsby’s identity was
created from his platonic view of himself: his view that his love for Daisy was
transcendent, it was beyond the normal, and it trumped the usual human limits.

He made himself, his reputation and image to win Daisy’s heart back, believing
their love was something pure and special. However, he was wrong about Daisy’s
love for him, which tying back into the beginning of the novel, she was the
“foul dust” at the death of his dream.

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