Comparison better? I am going to explore that

Comparison of two ad networks ad sense and yahoo. The
biggest ad groups right now on the internet are Google ad sense and Yahoo
publishers.  So which one out of the two
is better? I am going to explore that a little bit.

Yahoo Publishers and Google ad sense they are known to be
the biggest advertisers throughout the internet. Especially it’s because of
their huge amount of network. Along with the fact of their innovative ad
solutions makes them number one spot. 
However, Yahoo publisher is more of the new kid on the blog type deal
and the feature is lot of the similar ads that Google ad sense features. But
yet it has also its up and downs that is advantages and disadvantages. Let’s first
talk about Google ad sense.

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Google ad

What is the advantage of Google ad sense? Well obviously
they have different kinds of ads. I think one area the Google ad sense is
superior is the fact that they have really great text ads. If you are the
website owner and you want to blend in the ads in your contents it’s very easy
to do that. A lot of times you make mistakes and that in turn gives you some
knowledge as well. Surprisingly after all that I still don’t see that many advertise
out there with these types of text ads. So, when Google ad sense provides these
ads to your website you can easily blend in with your hyper links that you have
on the side of your website. So this is a really good advantage of Google ad
sense. The always down turn with the Google ad sense is their page rank is not
that great. Obviously that depends on your keywords too. One thing good about Google
ad sense is that they obviously blend in with your content.


Yahoo Publisher account offers a lot of Google ad sense type
similar ads. Yahoo Publisher account actually pays a lot higher than Google
ads. Yahoo Publisher account, the biggest difference I see is that the lot of
the ads that they do is pretty much the same as of Google ads. So if you have successful
Google ad sense ads they why not switch it over to yahoo publishers account.
They have a lot of higher payout. But, the only down side to yahoo publishers
is that they do not have text ads. That’s obviously the advantage the Google ad
sense has to offer.  However if you know
how to place ads in your text ads they why not try for yahoo publishers. One of
the things in Yahoo publishers account that I don’t think is very useful
sometimes is their way to really adjust the ads according to their content.
When you have targeted ads then obviously makes clicks lot higher and if it’s
relevant obviously people will not look at it very much that’s just obvious. Yahoo
Publisher account also offers a specific advertising target meaning that you
can target your ads to a group of certain numbers of people to your website.
However I see big success through Yahoo Publisher account.

Hey it’s a very good idea to go with the Yahoo Publisher
account because they pay a higher pay per click payout as supposed to of Google
ad sense pay less. They one drawback of both of them is that you cannot have
both type of ads in your one website. Obviously Google ad sense and Yahoo Publisher
are competitors and nobody wants to see each other’s faces. So be sure to
choose right type of platform for your ads. I personally like Yahoo Publisher
but it all depends on what type of content . But play around with all your
options and that’s how you maximize your net profit and how you make it.
Obviously whatever gives you more visitors or it’s not bad to say MONEY is it J.


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