Communication weeks, the CEO had set up a

Communication is
an integral part of any organization. Through communication people interact
with each other, share their thoughts and their ideas with each other.
Sometimes organizations face some kind of disruptions in communicating the
ideas or misinterpret them due to communication barriers. Based on this, I
would like to take this chance to share my experience about a communication gap
that happened between me transferring my ideas to the CEO of the company where
I was employed earlier.

            I was working as a Project Manager for
a Software Company in India last summer. Our organization was based in the US
and they had a regional office in India. The CEO of our company often visited
once a month to our office. During one of his visits in May, I had a meeting
with the CEO. During that meeting, We discussed different ideas for new
products and software that our company could bring forward. He asked me to
prepare a detailed proposal for the idea that we both agreed on in that meeting
and submit it to him in seven days. Our CEO was a bit old school, so he asked
me to submit the hard copy of the proposal. I was very eager to start on this
new project, hence I discussed with my team and we started on preparing a draft
of the proposal. A day before the submission, I went to his office and noticed
that he had already left. Being left with no other choice, I handed over the
copy of the proposal to his assistant, hoping that she would pass it on to the
boss. After three weeks, the CEO had set up a small meeting with me. During the
meeting, I was blamed for never submitting the proposal and missing my

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            I was shocked and disappointed by
this fact as I had worked quite hard on it. The only possible reason for this
to have happened is because his assistant never passed on my work. Due to her
negligence, I not only lost my chance for the promotion and also lost the
respective quarterly bonus.

            Now when I look back at that moment,
I realize that somehow I was responsible for this as well, as I trusted a third
person to represent my work and I never felt the need to as if he received my
work or not. All this made me feel the importance of communication. Nowadays, I
regularly keep an eye on my emails and other communication mediums.

            In this case, a simple misplacement
of a document resulted in series of events that led to hampering my progress in
that organization. Employers and employees should encourage the sharing of the
ideas through direct communication. Communication misunderstanding can happen
with anybody working at different levels in a company.