Coca in short term, especially since the world

cola is an American company that sells carbonated soft drinks, originally the
soft drink was used as patent medicine. Coca Cola was invented in the late 19th
century by the American pharmacist John Pemberton. Coca Cola is the market
leader in the soft drink business, and sells over 1.8 billion coca cola every
day, in more than 200 countries. Later in this text I will write down a SWOT
and PESTLE Analysis which will give you more information about the company.


SWOT Analysis

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cola is incredibly famous which makes it a household name, from children to
adults everyone enjoys drinking it. Coca Cola is the second largest beverages
company in the world after the Brazilian- Belgian alcoholic company
Anheuser-Busch InBev, and the market leader in selling non-alcoholic drinks.
Coca Cola has a strong customer loyalty because of their well-known name, which
makes it easy for the costumer to taste the difference between Coca Cola and
other soft drinks. Coca Cola have very strong marketing and adverting. Coca
Cola advertising expenses accounted for more than $3 billion in 2012 and
increased firm’s sales and brand recognition. Coca Cola have the most extensive
beverages distribution channel, where they serve more than 200 countries and more
than 1.7 billion servings a day.



Cola have a lot of positive things but also a lot of negative things. First of all,
Coca Cola is very unhealthy and bad for the health, because of the high level
of sugars, sodium and caffeine, a single can of Coca Cola contains the
equivalent of 10 teaspoons of sugar. Second of al, Coca Cola focus significant
on carbonated drinks which is a bad thing because this strategy works in short
term, especially since the world is moving towards healthier options. Third of
all, even though Coca Cola makes a lot of money every year they still have a
high level debt due to acquisitions, nearly $8 billion of debt acquired from
CCEs acquisition significantly increased Coca Colas debt level, interest rates
and borrowing costs. Coca Cola is often criticized for high water consumption
in water scarce regions and using harmful ingredients to produce its drink,
such as Neotame (dimethylbutyl) which is believed to be 7000 times sweeter than



Cola can create new and more diverts products than what they have. Coca Cola
have everything backing them up, they have brand identify, customers,
manufacturing, and evaluation, so everything is possible. The world is moving
towards healthier options so Coca Cola can improve their and come up with healthier
beverages, or branch out from soft drink industry and start producing healthier
food. Coca Cola           



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