Coates asked,”Who is the Zuluosi Tolstoy?”?The problem

Coates listen to hip hop: He gets inspiration from the black power movement. Hebegan to wonder whether blacks should “return to their own”, perhaps now theyreturn to Mecca time. Kogetz continues to explain that his only Mecca is HowardUniversity. ?Coates’ father, Paul, worked there, and many of Samuel’s aunts and uncle werepresent, and Coates and his wife, Kenyatta, met. However, Coates regardedHoward as an academic institution, shaping his “Mecca.” Because of Howard’sunique history, it has a very good alumni, which is the “dark energy” heritage oftoday’s society,.?Although Coates did not make such a clear statement, Howard’s introductionhad a reason to follow Malcolm X’s statement. The actual Mecca is a city ofSaudi Arabia, the Prophet Muhammad was born. As a Muslim, Malcolmprayed at least five times a day for Mecca, so that the pilgrims could providepilgrims to all the Muslims of the Mecca pilgrims in 1964. Coates believes thatHoward and Mecca, like Muslims to provide the same community and strength.2.? Coates describes students through Howard homes; students of differentnationalities, religion, dress, talent and taste. “The vastness of blacks across timeand space may be 20 minutes on campus,” Coates said, adding that every studentis “incredibly”.? He met with the black community to clear the white man seeking to suppress andcontrol the black body. It also reveals the arbitrary nature of racial classification,which is imposed on whites by whites.? What contradictory is that Coates’ experience at the Negro University confirmsthat he suspects that the race is an arbitrary social structure, not a factualbiological reality. He realizes this because of the huge difference betweenHoward’s students, feeling like an entire world. Although they are connectedby black experience, but each black is different.3. ?Coates felt white people suppressing blacks because they were threatened by blackpower. He quotes the Canadian-American writer Saul Bellow, who once asked,”Who is the Zuluosi Tolstoy?”?The problem plagued Coates because its minor major and historical numbers mustbe white and are eligible The He believes that the denial of the meaning and beautyof the black culture is closely related to “racist violence to undermine theunderworld”. Therefore, the black desperate to find “new history”, so adventure tosuperpower, majestic black race narrative form to create their own.?Coates’ logic here is complex and therefore may be difficult to follow. On theone hand, he opposed this racist thought that blacks did not make a significantcontribution to human history and culture. On the other hand, he warned notto react to such racism and create a new myth that is not based on the realityof blacks. The blacks have done incredible things, so there is no need to modifythe truth.4. ?Coates made such a warning after admitting that he himself believes that whenhe first came to Howard, the black was the exiled king. In the university library,he enthusiastically engulfed books and wrote notes about black history andculture. They are amazed at the extent to which these books are contradictory,and everyone is overwhelmed by their own view of being “ravaged by theirancestors”. In spite of this, he also admitted that “the pursuit of knowledge isfree to me”: the library independent study is more comfortable than theclassroom teaching.?As a young man, Coates has always thought that the African Americanintellectual heritage will contain a “big theory”, this “big theory” willanswer his question, make the world meaningful. However, in this part ofthe book, he learned that this legacy was in fact messy, contradictory andfull of clashes. Completing your own research can allow Coates toacknowledge the conflict, rather than being mistaken for the illusion ofunity and agreement.


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