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Child abuse is a big problem in the United States. Child abuse is when an adult harms a child. Some facts of child abuse are symptoms for all the abuses, prevent child abuse, and how to care for a child.Child abuse is when someone harms a child or puts them in danger. The risk the abuser puts the child is when it gets older they are going to be violent with others. Another risk is being near a person who drinks alcohol. If the parent would like to know if their child is being abused check for bruises, cuts, scars, burns, and their eyes(1). If the parent thinks a child is being abused take the child to a trustworthy daycare. Child neglect is when the parents do not provide the children’s needs like food, clothes, and shelter(2). If the child is going through child neglect the risks they can have is learning or memory problems. Some signs that a child is passing through child neglect is begging, stealing, hunger, absences from school, and lack of dental care(1). Some facts about child abuse is about five children die every week in the United States cause of child abuse(3). Another fact is more than four children die from neglect a day(3). Child abuse is something serious that should be taken care of right away. Child abuse can cause the child depression and make them feel not wanted(2). If someone is trying to help the child do not ask the child a lot of questions because that will make the child uncomfortable. Also try to make the child trust the adult. Some kids get threatened by the abuser to not say anything that will make the child say nothing, try to make the child trust the adult first. Make the child think that everything is going to turn out fine and that the child will not get abused anymore. Child abuse is something really hard for a kid to get over. That is something really hard to overcome. No child should be going through that. Another strategy that might work is try to talk to the abuser and make them realize what they are doing is wrong.  Always try to help out any child that is going through child abuse.         Some Symptoms the child might have if they are going through physical abuse. Check and make sure the child does not have any injuries or burns. Also, if they refuse to tell the adult where they got it from is another sign they might be physically abused. Another sign is when they are wearing clothes to cover up their injuries even when it is hot outside. One big symptom is refusal to undress in front of people. Next, is that the child turns very aggressive towards other people. One other sign is they are very quiet and does not have a lot of friends. Physical abuse is something hard for children. At their age, they do not know what to do or who to tell. If the child is very aggressive towards people make sure to ask what is wrong or exam the child throughout the week and try to figure out why the child is really aggressive. One other sign is they are very quiet and does not have a lot of friends. Ask the teachers if the child has friends or if they are always lownly. Now, some symptoms and signs that the child is going through sexual abuse. They will feel depressed, try suicide, overdoses, or other dangerous actions(3). They also might try to run away. Always be on the lookout of what the child is doing. Some other signs they might have is mood changers, become insecure, and they might also not want to eat(2). Tell the child to always be secure about himself. A big sign is they get anxiety when getting clothes removed. Try asking the child if they could put something on and stay there and try to help. If they start panicking ask why and if they do not want to say anything then just leave. Also try not to beg that will make the child think the adult knows. Also, one more that might be weird but it is a sign and that is having nightmares. Make sure the child is not having nightmares and if they are asking what was it about, also check that they are not having them often. Their nightmares might be when they got sexually abused or just a bad memory. All these are symptoms the adult should look for if they think their child is going through physical or sexual abuse.         These are two different abuses and their symptoms. Psychological abuse is the first abuse. One symptom the child might have is speech disorder. Also says bad things to themselves about themselves. They always say bad words and do not care about anyone not even about themselves. Another thing is when they get hurt they respond with inappropriate responses. Also they are mad most of the time. That is a sign they are going through this abuse. One other one is they are playing to much with their hair, rocking, or shaking (2). Now, some symptoms for neglect is they are constantly hungry. One other one is poor personal hygiene. Also they might not have a lot of friends so they do not have relationship with others. One big one is they have medical problems make sure to always take the child to the doctor. These were some symptoms for psychological and neglect abuse.         This is about how to prevent all of these abuses. An adult should teach their child what to do in case they get abused. If the child goes to a daycare or a personal babysitter make sure it is someone trustworthy. Some ideas the parent should tell the child is if they are getting abused they should always tell an adult, and the adult should tell the police. Also plan who to call, where to go, and joe to react. Always keep an emergency number on a paper with the child just in case something happens they know who to call. Also, an address for emergency also somewhere easy. If an adult knows a child is getting abused always show support towards the child.  Another fact is do not ask a lot of questions that will make the child confused. Asking many questions will make the child feel insecure and will not trust the adult anymore. Make the child trust the adult because maybe the abuser threatened the child if they say something. Never react with anger in front of the child that will make the child feel guilty. A child should never feel guilty for getting abused. If a child is passing through neglect take them to a foster home where they can actually take care of them and give them their needs. Now if a child is being sexually abused call the police right away. Always call the police for any abuses never try to take care of it. Getting sexually abused is something hard especially for a child because they do not know how to react or who to tell. Also, if the abuser threatens them they will be scared so they will not tell anyone about it. Try to spend as much time as possible with the child to prevent all of these abuses. Also this will help child in the future because when they have kids they will know what to do in case of these abuses. Always try to talk to the  child about this topic. I know it is hard and scary to talk about thins once happening but it could and it would be better if you knew what to do than to not know what to do. These were some ways to prevent these abuses and how to plan them out in case it happens.         These are some ways on how to take care of a child. If the parent knows they can not take care of the child there are daycare’s and foster homes. I know it would be hard for a parent to put their child in a foster home but just think that it is something good for them. These companies are very reliable and trustworthy people. They will make sure to give the child everything they need. If the child has gone through child abuse let them take as much rest as they need. That would really help the child feel better and safe. Always give the child healthy food. Try not to give the child a lot of junk foods. Giving the child healthy foods will make the child feel better and stronger. Call 911 if the child is being harmed or is harming someone else. Also make sure the child is not harming someone else. Also make sure the child is not harming themselves. Another thing is talk to the  child and make sure they are not depressed. If they are depressed is is more likely they are thinking of harming themselves. Next, put ice on the child’s burns and bruises. Ice will help it heal up faster. One big thing is that the child is not doing drugs. Drugs is one of the things the child can do to try to forget about the abuses. Those are things to look out for. Taking care of a child is really hard for most mothers. Child abuse is something mothers risk their children in taking them to a person they do not know really well. Foster homes are good for children that go through neglect. Foster homes are trustworthy places and will treat kids really good. They give children everything they need and will make the chila a better person. Child abuse has increased a lot in the United States (2). Child abuse is something very important and very dangerous. In the united states child abuse has increased over the past year. Remember to always look out for all children. There are also different abuses to take care of. Some of those are physical abuse, sexual abuse, psychological abuse, and neglect.


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