Chartbeat Phone Number, Email Address, PII Collected

Chartbeat is an analytical service that monitors the
behavior on the user’s site and studies the attractiveness of the content. The
platform works in real time, which helps to react instantly to the actions of
the audience. Unlike most competitors, the service shows what time an average
visitor spends on the portal and on a material.


The metric is primarily designed for editors of Internet media,
who need to get real-time information about which materials are popular on the
portal and how visitors behave. In addition, the tool will be useful for
marketers to make proposals for improving the usability of the resource,
extending topics for publications or changing page layout. The fee is charged
for the number of monitored visits, due to which the analyst is available to
both small sites and popular resources.

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Chartbeat tracks the number of users on the site, traffic
sources, the most popular pages, and the average length of the session. From
this we can conclude how much content is interesting to the audience. In
addition, the platform monitors what percentage of readers interact with the
resource-for example, they switch to other articles, click on banners and
links. With low activity, you can see how users behave, when they leave the
page, or why they do not follow links. In addition, the metric accumulates
historical data, you can study attendance at a given time interval by
qualitative and quantitative indicators, with information about the sources of


” As the analytics partner for more than 50,000 leading
media sites around the globe, Chartbeat tracks what people are reading on a
second-by-second, pixel-by-pixel basis on each site, article and page.” –


Data Collected:

Anonymous (Ad Views, Analytics, Browser
Information, Cookie Data, Demographic Data, Hardware/Software Type)

Pseudonymous (IP Address (EU PII), Location
Based Data)

PII (Name, Phone Number, Email Address, PII
Collected via 3rd Parties, Login, EU- IP Address)

Sensitive (Financial Information)


This tracker is used to collect every possible information
about visitors on the web site. This is done to be able to understand, who is
the focus group and what information gathers more attention. Collected
information is categorized and stored. Can be also used to help to improve web
site, find usability or security issues.


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