Chapter problems in aloud reading due to these




Chapter One


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1.0 Introduction

Learning English as a foreign language
requires more effort especially in EFL circles. Therefore, practice and exposure to native English
are always needed which affect fluency boosting
both reading and other language skills. This claim suggests that
successful communication largely depends on the development of these skills.
English words differ in their difficulty level from easy to difficult words.
Specifically, in reading tasks, it is observed that English words are composed
of variations of syllables. A word might have one, two or more syllables.
Arguably, learners experience problems in aloud reading due to these
differences which have to do with the number of syllables across such words.
For this reason understanding word syllabification is perhaps avery helpful
element facilitating the task of reading for EFL students. Difficult words may
be confusing for readers when they try to read them loudly.Reading aloud has
many advantages for students. It develops students’ comprehension strategies
through enhancing an environment of thinking and discussion. Consequently,
students will understand how model connections grasp points, answer questions,
produce correct pronunciation and uphold successful comprehension.This
account shows the importance of reading aloud to EFL students in daily
interactions. According to Anderson, Hiebert, Scott, & Wilkinson, (1985)
reading aloud forms the most important activity for building the skills and
background for eventual success. Reading represents a crucial skill even for
children which enable them to very best readers in the classroom.

research attempts in the area of linguistics and English language teaching do
not give much attention sufficient aloud reading problems in EFL context. This study attempts to find out how English
word syllabification influence aloud reading performance of Saudi students of
English at AlbahaUniversity. Moreover, the study will provide more literature
in reading skill through the use of words syllabification in relation to Saudi
students of English.

 Statement of the Problem

Many English language learners at
Albaha University in Saudi Arabia arguably face problems aloud reading of both
isolated words and written texts of English. Some examples of these reading
problems probably include hesitation, word decoding, poor
comprehension phonological and
phonemic unawareness, etc. These problems will affect the learner’s aloud
reading performance which leads to a poor reading and lack of self-confidence.
Students in this study need to learn how to achieve correct aloud reading
starting from individual words to read texts. The study attempts to find out if
students know how the managing of word syllabification of English on words and text
level, makes reading aloud tasks easier.

The study attempts discuss how
students’ knowledge of word syllabification such as the number of syllables on
word level influences its reading. Arguably, this is because the knowledge of breaking
down the words into syllables forms major skill that helps students read correctly.
This study attempts to describe and discuss the problems at issue accounting
for the effect of the number of syllables of an English word on reading aloud
performance of Saudi female students at Albaha University.


 1.2The Objectives of the Study

The objective of the present study is
to discover the relationship between English words syllabification and reading
aloud performance among female EFL learners at AlbahaUniversity. Moreover, it
aims to provide researchers and who are concerned with the field of English
reading with new information about the problems of reading aloud performance.
This information will contribute to overcoming the poor reading problem.


Significance of the study

This study has some significance on it. It is
an attempt to provide information about aloud reading issue for the students
and teachers of English and for those who are interested this area. The topic
might be important for universities and secondary schools which arguably may find
the results of this study useful giving hints the development of aloud reading.
Moreover, the study attempts to improve
reading skills through the use of words syllabification. This task may help EFL
at Albaha university learners to improve their reading abilities. This research
will enhance both fields of English language learning with rich information
about English words syllabification and its relation to EFL students at Albaha

Research questions

Does the number of the syllables of an English word affect
the reading performance of EFL learners at Albaha University?

Do EFL learners show any difference in performance between
the reading individual words and passage reading?


Research hypotheses

English syllabification does not have positive effect on
reading performance of Albaha University EFL students     =   
Null hypothesis

English syllabification has some positive effect on reading
aloud performance of Albaha University EFL students.     = Alternative hypothesis


There is no difference between reading English words in a
reading passage or reading words in isolation. 
            =   Null hypothesis

There is difference between reading English words in a
reading passage or reading words in isolation.              = Alternative hypothesis   

1.6 Research Methodology

This part provides an eye bird view of
the study design so that readers have background about it. The study adopts an
experimental approach conducting the study. Concerning the quantitative approach
we will collect data via experiments. It is assumed that quantitative trend
provide real evidence about research problem. This evidence will enable the researcher
to generalize the results making use of it into a wider area.

1.7 Population of the study

The date of research is 1439 H  . EFL Saudi female learners studying at level
3 in the college of Arts and Humanities in Albaha University will be enrolled into
the study

1.8 Limitations of the study

The date of research is 1439 H  . EFL Saudi female learners studying at level
3 in the college of Arts and Humanities in Albaha University will be enrolled
into the study. They will be composed of one group female university learners of English. The fields
are concerned with whether English syllabification has influences on reading
aloud performance among EFL learners or not.

1.9The study outline

This study comprises five chapters
which will be described in the following text:

Chapter one represents an introduction
that gives readers a background about the whole study from beginning to end.

Chapter two which is literature review.
In this section the researcher represents the relevant studies about the topic of
the research .Also this chapter reports the researcher critical review of the
relevant literature

Chapter three describes research
methodology which is used in the current research .also; this chapter includes
the description of the research instrument .Through that methodology the researcher
can answer the research questions

Chapter four shows the results of the
study and it represent all the data gathered using the instrument that have
been mentioned in the previous chapter.

Chapter five includes a summary of the finding,
conclusion and recommendations


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