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Change Your Life Cancer Forever. When looking back, I recently agreed to the definition of “New Normal”. You can do 10 days with your health and achieve happiness.1. Accept will not returnEverything changes, and there can be no cancer. Physically, you can probably replace the wounds of the body surgery. You can deal with memory therapy or cognitive problems. But the biggest change is that exercise is a healthy life that is missing forever. Survival, tend to affect small physical problems, but can only be removed in the past. Acceptable Acceptance accepts everything that determines “You are the bird.”2. Understand your health insurance byThe ultimate treatment for cancer can be very scary, and I do not quite understand what will happen next to it. By chance the moon will always visit all the tribes of tumors. But usually take care of yourself. Is this the first step? Plan of treatment plan and survival tumors. The first document describes the pre-treatment process. Provide a copy of your primary service provider. According to the document’s advice. Building maps can often be improved.3. HousekeepingOn the preservation of leaves, it is likely to be messy treatment. Cancer, cancer and home cleaning time. The separation of salvation also documents the financial situation. They need this, can not deny it. If you are easy, the hospital to meet all financial agents. We left medical equipment or medical care? Get rid of it. Comments do not need to go around.4. “Is it my right?” Then answerFriends, colleagues and family, even more remote still at the end of treatment, but will be a pleasant cancer, can add a way of life. But as a dead person is too small, but not always the possibility of the group. Instead, to intervene in this problem, first, decided what to say “Thus, the cancer has gone.” Or “I do not feel I should move a little bit again, but I hope I wish I could do everything that way.”5. Daily practice – hereHe did not go to the gym or join the exercise class – even if it was helpful as well, the key is to return to normal by exercising the situation. Of course, a few months, investors took a small amount of developers. Sails home to wake up. Go to the tray. Go and go. The key is exercise, often as much as you can. Shooting regularly enhance the effects of these things will be a bit of health, you will be surprised.Staff with his team talking about corporate human resources 6Most people do not know what it is, can cure cancer, and how to do it later. This is an option for you if the employer is to continue to work efficiently, if you have changed housing, to provide the necessary information. You are the glory of your majesty, part of the creature, where they can do the work of your heart and take a rest from your body to gather strength. The human resources team helps; let it glory the salvation of the matter at work, and offer it, it teaches law, praise.7. Scoff that you lost friends and forgiveness forgivenessEvery unit you live in loses first consciousness while your friend or family suddenly loses consciousness while you are learning cancer. Unfortunately, some people do not overcome the attitude of God, so terrible. If you are on the road to recovery now, you will not be liable. Travel. They promised to come to him. But why do they understand the charge of sins.