Change e.g. open, work in progress, testing and

Change management is an significant process
of project management which can lead the whole team to prepare and go through
the change happened during the project. While all changes are unique for each
member in the project team, we need to have a sufficient structured plan for
the whole team moving to their future stage from their current situation.


In the processing of project, plenty of
change situations may happen. For the internal change, the project team might
meet the reassignment of staff. For the external change, the team may receive a
negative feedback from professor or clients which requires the changing of the
project content or procedure. When meeting these situations, the team can never
assume that everyone knows why this change is needed. It is necessary for the
project manager to let  stakeholders and
every team member have a clear understanding of why the change is needed and
how this will improve the performance or results of the project. Therefore,
when the team are going through a change, we need to strictly base on the
change request(CR) flow which is shown in form 5.1.

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For each change request, the project
manager should evaluate and prioritize it. First, assign the change request to
a qualitative level, such as high, medium and low. This step will help project
manager to arrange the change plan schedule when there are several of changes
during the same period. Then, defining the type of the change by its scope,
time, duration, resources, deliverables, processes and quality. Classification
step is to make sure that the manager can customize the change plan directly
and accurately. During the change, establishing a well-communicated and
achievable milestone is necessary. According to Marcotte, an expert of change
management, 70% of changes fail because people believe that results relative to
the effort aren’t worth it, or aren’t working. After evaluating its
significance and making the change plan, the state of each change request need
to be assigned, e.g. open, work in progress, testing and closed.

After the change control flow, the final
results of it should be that everyone in the team can keep up with change
quickly and efficiently. Also, the whole team will be able to respond for every
kind of change swiftly.