Case should do and to be responsible

Case Report 3

2. How has
information technology made it possible to eliminate middle manager positions?

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With the precise data and the right
tools an independently-working event planner could back her decision. She or he
does not need a manager to authorize her/his choice. Chubbies clothing could
use a Series of dashboards to determine Facebook likes. Instagram messages, sales
and she/he could decide on her own if future event is scheduled. inc, use series of
overlapping, self-governing “circles”. Persons assigned roles in these circles
work together, their meeting results are recorded using web-based software
called Glass frog. This system allows everyone in the organization to see who
is responsible for the role and what are they doing. Glass frog provides a list
of things to do that teams use to define what they should do and to be responsible
for their work. According to the task to be accomplished, workers are moved
from one group to another.



3. What management, organization, and technology issues would you
consider if you wanted to move from a traditional bureaucracy to a flatter


Management – Managers must have confidence in themselves and their
employees, which will benefit for the company and the employees.


Organization – The most common cause of the failure of IT projects
is not technical failure, but the change in organizational and political
resistance. People do not like change at all, and resist change in variety of
ways. The new information system needs to change the individual processes, which
could be painful for the people involved and require additional recovery and effort,
which may or may not be compensated.


Technology – Information flows freely and widely throughout the organization,
information technology could reduce the organizational hierarchy.
Decision-making is pushed to a lower level. Managers could make decisions
faster and better, because information technology enables more information to
be captured faster and more accurately. Professionals become more independent. Decision
have become more fragmented.


However, there are issues
like, employees were unsure of their responsibilities. No managers to
coordinate projects and supervise and encourage workers, this will affect the


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