Career the device called Ethernet which is

Career Episode – 1


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1.1 This Career Episode states the Major Project that I completed as a part of
my job requirement at Ennem Excel
Engineering (P) Ltd. This project was completed as a trainee engineer
during the span of 7 months from March 2011 to August 2011. I worked as a Junior
Trainee member in this project.


CE 1.2 Ennem Excel Engineering (P) Ltd are the
leaders in turbine blade manufacturers with not only strong technical and
quality measures but also years of experience in the field of power generating
companies. They are well equipped with the precession machineries to serve a
quality and timely delivery of the equipment.

The main objective of the project was to design and develop
a system of network for different blocks of the organization. An
organization is a structure with a set of buildings and blocks all linked into
one enterprise network and these all are connected to each other using Local
area networks also known as LANs.

At the final stage of the
design, we created a network for Ennem
Excel Engineering (P) Ltd which is a large organization and wanted to
implement LAN technology for the connectivity of the systems within the office
blocks. For the connectivity of the block we used the device called Ethernet which
is a network protocol that controls and provide information on how data is to
be transmitted over local area network. Technically it is known to the
engineers as the IEEE 802.3 protocol. In my project structure the network we
created linked different office blocks such as Operations and Maintenance
Block, Production and Manufacturing block, Administration Block, Assembly
Block, Paint Shop Block, Logistics Block and Utility centre Block. In future organization
has a plan to decentralize all departments with the help of IT department by
implementing SAP software.


CE 1.3 This project was carried out under the guidance and supervision
of Mr. Ramesh Kumar, Associate Manager and Mr. Sreenivas the Deputy General
Manager, Department of Information Technology, Ennem Excel Engineering (P) Ltd.

I would like to appreciate my mentors for being my role models. They
helped me a lot in understanding the project and professional life too and taught
me how to transform my mistakes into skills. Regular training, sessions and
meetings with the managers helped us in fulfilling the requirements and reach
the target in right duration of time and helped us being motivated throughout
the span of the project.

1.4 The reason for being a part of this project was to implement the knowledge
which I gained from networking subjects that I completed during my bachelor’s
degree and from recognized Institutions such as computer networks, Internet
protocols, LAN switching and Wireless, Networking Services: Quality of Service,
Signalling system and Signal Processing for Communications and Networking. This
project helped me to establish many creative concepts and ideas in networking

Organizational Structure:










Fahed Bin Nasar
Control and Instrumentation Engineer
Operations and Maintenance
Ennem Excel Engineering (P) Ltd






Personal Engineering Activity:

1.5 The Networking project started with the analysis stage which were divided
into three phases namely:

1.      Plan

2.      Design

3.      Control

The project was developed
by focussing on creating a local area network for the organization and to
install security measures to guarantee the safety of the network resources and
services of the organization.

The First phase called the
Plan of the project was to develop a simulation network for the organization in
the workshop network, which consists of devices: CISCO Adaptive Security Appliance
5510 firewall as a gateway router, CISCO catalyst 3560G core switch, Cisco
2960X-24TS-L 24 Port Catalyst Switch as work station switches and workstations.

A mainframe network is
built in the organization on each floor and blocks to create a channel for the
communication between employees within organization’s region to share resources
and services through network including access to internet safely and securely.
These features are essential to improve the efficiency of the employees and the
productivity of the organization by providing resources and services to
employees whenever they are required. Building a computer network resulted in a
reduction in valuable time and money when sharing resources and information as
compared to traditional way.

Various parameters are kept
in record such as utilization of resources, Response time of application,
Bandwidth and also the cost involved.  


1.6 The topology depicted in figure were designed
by considering the requirements and needs of the organization. The topology designed
were divided into three departments with the possible expansion in future and intended
to provide flexibility, safety, reliability and better pace network services.
The design has 7 sub-networks of which two are workgroup sub networks where workforces
are located and a sub network is for the Networking team, two are for
demilitarized zone and internal servers and last two for the wireless network.


The overall design and
development was prepared using OPNET simulator. The simulated network creates a
channel of communication and also provides file and resource sharing facility
to the workforce with strong security measures. Firms and Organizations usually
communicate with the external users for multiple reasons using their official
website. Hence, the project networking channel is developed for file sharing to
for internal and external users. This was done by maintaining an FTP server
which provided file sharing service for the users.



Fig 1: LAN Network Using Star

CE 1.7 The above topology shown in figure is an extended star
topology where a Cisco Stack Wise switch is used as a main switch to integrate
all connections that are occurring at SW1 and SW2 switches, ASA firewall and AP.
This type of topology provides assurance to the system so that any expansion
can be made to the network in the future. The devices are all connected using
unshielded pair of twisted Cat 5 cables and RJ-45 network interface.

The major motive
of implementing extended star topology is that if single cable of an equipment
or device cuts down, it does not affect the other networks because it is fault
tolerant. As the term indicates, it is more advanced. It consists of a central
device which is a switch and it is situated in the center of the network. In
this topology instead of computers, switches are connected to the port. Other
electronic devices are then connected to the hubs which creates a star that is
the reason it has been called extended star. The main Advantage of implementing
extended star topology is that it is a central switch so for the administrator
it becomes easy to trace and troubleshoot any technical issue.


The network simulator OPNET modeller was provided
by our department to design and develop the project. Under the guidance of the
experienced managers I learn the operations of the simulator. They helped and
guided me several times while using OPNET so that I become comfortable with the

CE 1.8  The information and knowledge gained from
superiors made me comfortable with OPNET modeller. Managers and supervisors of
the organization paid special care towards security system of the system
network. The security is concerned with the disasters caused from external or
internal activities. For this, a design for the security measures to prevent future
disasters had been drawn.

All devices used in the project had been designed
with a basic configuration. This configuration includes the networking devices,
internet protocol addresses and LANs, encrypted passwords, virtual teletype,
routers, access ports, and trunk.

Once I found myself comfortable with the
simulator, I went on with the major tasks of profile configuration and
application configuration. As part of profile configuration, I developed a set of user profiles which specify
how the network applications are being used in the computer laboratory. First,
I divided the user profiles based on the usage of different people such as the
staff, student, lab and the research students. It was ensured that students
have enough access to all the applications. They have access to only the basic
needs. The staffs are made sure they have enough access to the data available.

CE 1.9 In
application configuration side the measures had been taken so that internet application
creates a channel of communication within Ennem Excel Engineering (P) Ltd
gateway, the IP32 cloud, and finally through server gateway to reach internet
servers. Web browsers, Email and Talent pool are all part of Internet
applications. The core switch allows the access of the basic applications. Applications
such as Electronic Learning tool, the server which contains this information is
placed in the Human resource information system department. Employees which use
remote login have access to servers to accomplish certain assignments and they
can make changes to the data.

1.10 A challenging task of building automation was assigned for which research
and ideas were created. The design consists of a simple model of the embedded system
implemented in the organization to automatically detect and control functions
like temperature levels, light detection etc.  

Fig 2: Organization network

The above figure depicts the organization
network which are interconnected with 100 base T link, each block has different
number of employees and the switches in each region and are connected using
extended star topology in which the core switch is in the server room and are
connected to the workstation switch on each floor.

CE 1.11  The objective of the project is to develop a
networking channel for Ennem Excel Engineering (P) Ltd and the networking
application it runs. It was a challenging task to scale the buildings in the
network because in the real view there were many challenges faced in measuring
the accurate area of the region. Due to crucial application tasks latency and
bandwidth requirements it became necessary for research on the organization’s
structure. In the initial stages we tried different user types to calculate the
proper measurement of the link to meet bandwidth and quality requirements. The
project proved to be the learning experience for design and implementation of
an organization network. This project explains the procedure for application
modelling and creation of employee profiles in an organization and also
explains the procedure for developing an application using OPNET modeller. Therefore,
the networking design was simulated and verified using OPNET Modeller. The output
of the result proved to be that project design and functions can be installed


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