by How it severely decreased my self-esteem

by one
of the surgeons Dr. Mubarak Al Kandari at the department of surgery in 2012,
that  “There are about 250,000 people
suffering from obesity in Kuwait, and up to 50,000 of them need surgeries”.

There is secret how obesity has taken over the land of Kuwait. It has become a
massive problem and regardless of countless attempt to reduce obesity, the
problems seem to still arise rapidly. As I have mentioned earlier, that it is
vital to promote physical education from an early age so that students can
understand the importance of it from an early age. Because the sooner kids are
aware the chances of obesity in the future will decrease significantly.

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I have
attended different schools of different curriculum in Kuwait and no school has
focused on the physical and mental well being of their students. I was not the
fittest student and so majority of the times instead of teaching me how to
perform a certain sports, I was left out. I do not regret being left out on the
bench because in that moment I was glad I had a free class and I would just sit
and let the time pass; what I did not realize though was, how it affected me
mentally. How it severely decreased my self-esteem and self-confidence and in
return forced me to skip classes. It also made me realize how important it was
for me at a young age to focus on physical education. Schools focused


more on group activities than on actual
fitness programs. If I had, had a chance to learn about different sports and
different exercises, my interest in physical education could

have increased. Unfortunately, in my school,
teachers largely focused on group activities instead of providing attention to
an individual and teaching weak students how a certain exercise or sport is
being played. Majority of the PE lessons were spent playing either volleyball or
soccer, rather schools producing fitter students, schools focused on how well a
student can play a particular sports. Though I do not disagree that group
sports are a mutual dislike but what I do believe is that schools can focus on
the physical well being of their students so that fewer students are

everything that I have mentioned above, there are certain aspects schools should
take under consideration while conducting physical education programs. Schools
often neglect investing a proper amount of money on physical education and
instead schools spend it on subjects that they seem to find important, mostly
on the sciences. “A minimum
standards of sport and PE facilities at schools should be introduced, and money
at the top of sport needs to be passed down to schools to engage young people
in the subject.” (Marsh). Though I cannot generalize by saying every
country gives little attention to physical education but I can definitely say
with past experiences that Kuwait gives very little attention to physical
education programs. It is not just a huge problem in public schools but also in
private schools. Private schools in Kuwait are mostly given credit to how much
they focus on physical education, which is partially true and partially false.



seem to be one of the problems, as schools are stretched farther than ever
before, demands upon the education system has increased while the actual
funding has decreased. Not only is there the cost of trainer to consider but
also, there is the

maintenance and the restocking of heaving
physical education equipment. There is also the potential for responsibility
from the risk of injury. Therefore schools are most likely to spend on academic
subjects as I have mentioned above. Though, funding is a problem but Kuwait
should consider, as it is a country with a huge chunk of money that could get
spend on physical education.

should be designed in such a way so that every student could participate
without any hesitation. I do not oppose the idea of sports activities being
conducted in physical education classes, but schools should also invest in a
program that specifically focuses on exercises as it can encourage everyone to
become fit instead of competing with one another. Exercising promotes fitness
whereas; group sports/activities can help in building leadership qualities. So
that it can promote in eliminating life long illnesses. As well as it can
reduce stress and constant pressure students have to go through in their every
day school life.

that do provide proper physical education program from an early age often lack
the same standard of teaching once the student is mature enough to take
physical education as a career. There are very few facilities and less exposure
schools seem to provide here in Kuwait and it seems to be the biggest drawback.

An interview conducted with a friend Hafsa, who graduated in 2015, told me how
physical education helped her so much even after so many years, but because of
the lack of awareness in this


field here in Kuwait, she was unable to
pursue it as a future career. It is the same thing what Sarah Marsh has
mentioned in her guardian article, “students get the opportunity
to sample new sports and develop basic core skills but then have nowhere to continue

development as there are no local clubs.” Although, this
article reflects the current situation in the US but it seems to fit perfectly with
what is happening in Kuwait right now.

education as mentioned earlier, can help in reducing lifelong illnesses. Kuwait
being on top of obesity list is because of their lack of focus on physical
education from an early age. Schools should encourage and fund in programs and
clubs that could help in eliminating obesity in Kuwait. Though, there is still
a long way for Kuwait to establish programs to promote fitness but with driven
resources it could get very easy. Future of young youth depends on the current
health administrator and fitness programs in Kuwait because with time it could
get worse.


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