By are derived, and will be answered in

By answering the main research question we
will gain enough knowledge to provide strategic and managerial recommendations
to industry as a foundation for future decision making.


Sub research

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Based on the main research questions, the following sub research
questions are derived, and will be answered in the theoretical framework. An
extensive review of the existing literature is required to shape the framework.
The research was started on the next principle research questions. The
design-oriented aim and the therefore iterative character of the research
allows for new insights to originate during the process of research on a
maturity model of estimating the TCO of a nanomaterial. The principle questions
as derived from the main question are:


the economic factor influence the final evaluation of a nanomaterial?

2.      Which are the different types and
categories of costs over the entire life cycle of a nanomaterial, both direct
and indirect?

what extent could the cost and toxicity factors be correlated and used in
nanomaterial strategies?

What are the motives for and
challenges of implementing total cost of ownership in

Supplier selection?

What is the influence of the
risks involved in a nanomaterial process?

Is the weighting factor plays
a crucial role in the calculation of TCO?

cost-effective for use in healthcare

Could highly toxic nanomaterials
be useful?

answers to these research questions are summarized in the following section.

To answer sub-question 1 all the
costs that are related to the full life cycle of a nanomaterial must be
described and categorized. Considering the order of the research questions, the
first step is to describe how the literature proposes to evaluate the TCO of a
nanomaterial, and to what extent financing considerations should be included in
this calculation. A table will be constructed and will therefore distinguish
all costs and risks within the TCO of a nanomaterial, since these are expected
to highly determine the TCO of a nanomaterial. 


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