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Internet’s Own Boy” Critical Response Paper


             A quote from Stephen Heymann in the video
about a hacker’s mindset “These guys are driven by a lot of the same things
that we are driven by; they have an ego, they like challenge, and of course
they like money”. Stephen Heymann was stereotyping by saying Aaron was just
like anyone else in the hacker social group. With all that was going on with
cyber security, Stephen Heymann was ethnocentric by judging Aaron and placing
him in that group of hackers whose motivation was wealth and profit. Intercultural
communication was not achieved by the government who were after Aaron. The FBI
could have spoken to him directly to see what Aaron was up to but instead they
placed him in a group that Aaron wasn’t a part of. He wasn’t a hacker, and he
wasn’t trying to destroy or steal anything. Aaron was an activist and he wasn’t
doing it for wealth or for his ego, he was doing to it because he believed
everyone should have access to the material to the large wealth of knowledge
that was locked away by greedy corporate companies, who are trying to squeeze
out every cent that they could. Aaron’s friends described him as a person who
didn’t care about money, he didn’t wear suits because he liked jeans and
t-shirts, he also rented apartments because he didn’t want a mansion. One of
the things that made me most angry is how people were making a profit, making
millions and billions of dollars from public information that should be free in
the first place. Public information, in my eyes, should be free and easily
accessible. You have these companies charging ten cents per page or a high
dollar amount for a subscription to the website. It’s not right nor is it ethical,
but they get away with it.


The first I think
of when talking about internet is social media. Social media can give
opportunity for individuals to create misleading or false information. Social
media allows anyone to express their opinions or portray false information at a
click of a button just to get under people’s skin. It can grow viral and cause
a pandemic upbringing. Conspiracy theories are so easily made with internet and
social media combined. By photoshopping a picture or creating a video that
hides the facts of what happened. You can’t believe everything you read on the
internet and you must use a reliable source or website. Some positive things
that have come from the internet would be social media and the ability to get
information at a click of a mouse. Social media has increased the growth of businesses
around the world. It gives consumers a direct line of communication with the business
through social media sites, like Facebook and Twitter. It’s great for
advertising, not just posting adds on social media sites, but also word of
mouth from followers. It builds brand awareness and exposer, gives businesses
access to millions of potential customers who are signed up for these social
media sites. The internet is the fastest way of getting information from around
the globe. The internet can build one’s intercultural communication by having
access to other people’s culture from around the world. There are applications
and chat rooms where you can talk and learn from people with different cultural
backgrounds. The internet is a very resourceful tool in today’s society, wether
people use it to get the news, to students using it for research projects, and
even entertainment. I believe utter chaos would erupt if the internet
disappeared. We would be going back to the age of writing checks or paying with




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