Build made from the village mean changes

Build the nation from the village. One of simple conception is made to realize Sustainable
Development Goals (SDGs). SDGs becomes one of the conceptual models for countries in the world
to do national development, including Indonesia. SDGs has 17 goals that are targeted to solve
various global problems. To achieve these targets would require good strategy and cooperation from
all elements, be it the goverment or the general public. Therefore, we need to move together in
synergy for the perfection of ideals aspirations Indonesia. Not only speaking but in action. Build the
nation from the village, it means “changes made from the village mean changes made to the
nation”. The village development means nation development. However, there is a paradigm that
development in the village seems to be slower than development in the city. We have to understand
this context that progress requires a process, even though village development looks slow, let’s look
at the next ten years what it will produce. Same with development in education, it does not produce
anything significant in a short time, different from the construction of the plant for example that will
generate profits in real time in a short time. However, it should be underlined that the impact that
education will provide for the state will be very shaken. Development that is only focused in the city
will make uneven state development, which will make the social gap and large-scale development
become uneven, thus making the progress of the country to be slow. There are uneven
infrastructures and facilities, welfare imbalance, fear of continuing school to college level because of
money , and many others. It has been resolved as soon as possible because of cooperation on all
elements as well as with global thinking.
In the village development, there is one most important development undertaken. That is the
development of human resources, the mindset and behavior. This is the reason and spirit of a group
of youth from Nganjuk city to establish a community named Muda Anjuk Ladang in September 2014.
The community that facilitates the human resources of the village, especially Nganjuk district, to
develop and contribute some benefits to Nganjuk people. They realize that participation of all
elements, especially youth communities, will contribute greatly to this nation, including contributing
to reach SDGs.
First, the activities undertaken by Muda Anjuk Ladang is a scholarship program for high school
students. Why? Because many high school students still think that continuing school to college level
is difficult. The problem is they are afraid of not being able to pay their study. In fact, a lot of
scholarship information that can help underprivileged students to study in college. With this
scholarship program, Muda Anjuk Ladang has a role to improve the quality of Education of Nganjuk
Second, the soft skill coaching program given to the selected Nganjuk students. Selection is held to
make standardization of input/raw material. So that makes it easier in the process of coaching. The
soft skill coaching program is held regularly, either weekly, monthly, or yearly. The main target of
this soft skill coaching is character building for participants. There are 3 components that underlie
this coaching, namely Spiritual, Character, and Action. The concept of coaching is given by way of
discussion, seminars, sharing, training, and others.
Third, Stand Up Motivation activities. Stand Up Motivation is street seminar. This is a copycat of
Stand Up Comedy, but contain motivations. The target of Stand Up Motivation is generally people,
especially youth who come in the event named Car Free Day (CFD) in Nganjuk. Invited speakers are
persons who already have some contributions or achievements in various societies. So, this event
becomes the insight and motivations for the youth of Nganjuk in contributions and achievements.
Fourth, the activities of MAL Give Inspiration. This is a training/camp activity that presents national
speakers for the youth of Nganjuk. This activity is also held to establish the integrity of intercommunity
involved in the seminar. So, they can collaborate with each other in providing changes
and social movements for Nganjuk people.
Four activities before are already done and still will do continuously. The last and this is our dream to
reach this target as soon as possible. We will hold a focus group discussion to discuss activities that
can be done for Nganjuk people. Focus group discussion is divided into several classes to unify ideas
and movements according to their abilities and interests. Someone with an interest in Education will
undertake teaching tasks to Nganjuk children, whatever they study in the formal school or not.
Someone with interest in Entrepreneurship will see the potential of many products that produced by
them. Then help them to increase their selling power and competitiveness in the market. So, their
economic condition can be better. Someone with agricultural ideas will help them in managing and
optimizing agricultural and farms. Someone with an interest in creativity and design can help people
to create various objects of tourism from potential of nature, history, and culture. Someone with an
interest in technology will help them to make appropriate technologies such as clean water
distillation and energy.
The various things and interests of the youth will be gathered, facilitated, and honed in the Muda
Anjuk Ladang community. There will be a monitoring and evaluation. This is the reason Muda Anjuk
Ladang take the motto of creativity in working with local spirit but global quality. We start from the
small things to get great things for our nation, Indonesia.
From the field study I got from Muda Anjuk Ladang is one of the Non-Goverment Organization
(NGO) which is very inspiring. Something ideal in our minds is a success and a happy life, in the strict
sense of our work earning a salary for our family, after which it has finished all that is aspired to. I’m
not saying it is wrong, but if we think back more deeply, such thoughts are very conventional and
not very cool. Therefore, we open our eyes and mind, what contribution we have given to others. As
the people of Indonesia, we must be able to work together to build, at least from ourselves we pass
on to others.
Muda Anjuk Ladang is one of the community examples of a group of youth made up of various
backgrounds, mainly from students in university and some who have worked. MAL contributes with
the media to build human resources in Nganjuk, high school students are guided to be accelerated in
thinking, prepared to be not only ready to success but also ready to fail. Not only that, MAL is very
concerned about religion in his guidance, so they are not only smart but also noble.
As the youths elected by our heroes, we must try to move and spread the wings and not be hindered
by narrow minds. Many avenues are inspirational, not only limited to babble, but in a struggle “we
can and do”.


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