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Britaney Acuna1-26-18Wojurfin                       Benjamin Franklin      Benjamin Franklin was one of the most  important in the American History who made  a difference .Franklin’s  speech in the convention helped our nation to the independence and democracy. In this essay you will learn a lot  of benjamin franklin.Benjamin franklin’s early life was he was born with not much privileges because he was born poor. He was born in massachusetts on January  17,1706. But he was born with not alot of money so he didn’t have much privileges.He was the 15th child out of 17.I think thats alot of kids.Abiah Franklin and Josiah Franklin were benjamin franklin parents. I think they did everything as possible to have a better life.Benjamin Franklin’s middle life was he went to a boston latin school .I wonder if the latin school Benjamin Franklin went to was a bible school.Benjamin Franklin stopped going to school to work at a full time cash strapped. I think he should’ve gone to both because he was born with not much money .Something that made benjamin franklin famous is that he was a Royal Governor .I wonder how he became a royal  governor.Benjamin Franklin fled to England .I wonder why he fled to England.Benjamin Franklin’s  end life is he got married. I wonder to how he got married to .Benjamin Franklin’s son died 4 years  later cause of a smallpox. I wonder what’s a smallpox.Benjamin Franklin’s wife died in December 19,1774. I wonder what she died from. Benjamin Franklin died in 17,1790 in Philadelphia . Benjamin Franklin died from a long disease . benjamin Franklin helped Thomas Jefferson to write the Declaration of Independence.I wonder where he went to go help thomas jefferson to write the declaration of independence. In conclusion Benjamin Franklin was one of the most important people in the American History .As you have seen in his early life he was very poor. In his middle life he was a royal governor. And in hi endlife he helped Thomas Jefferson write the declaration of independence.


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