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Bots are going to be a buzz word in the coming years. It is no longer a hype and many organizations have started to bring this idea to life – want to get closer to human-less and automated interactions – more rule-based / Artificial Intelligence based. Auditory chat-bots, more speech based are going to be following this. Key to a successful Chatbot is clarity in what is needed – “plan to have a plan before building a Chatbot”. 2018 will definitely be the year of Bots that will help businesses in expanding their marketing and digital footprint.Artificial intelligence(AI) is getting into virtually every technology that is helping make systems take smarter decisions. Building intelligent Apps becomes a key here e.g. building a smart ERP assistant or smart camera. Internet of Things (IoT) is getting enabled by Artificial Intelligence / Machine learning that is helping manage mind-boggling volumes of data. The sensors and chips that exist in physical things around us present a huge opportunity in tapping valuable data, running analytics on top of it; using which we can make informed and better decisions e.g. fitbit health – fitness mobile device leading to better customer experience.Blockchain is another key technology that is going to define the way transactions are done, making it more simple, secure and cost effective – ensuring a seamless distributed (not copied) networked financial system. It is called digital gold as well and has built-in robustness. Blockchain can’t be controlled by a single entity; hence secure, no single point of failure, is transparent, public and decentralized. AML (Anti money Laundering) and KYC (Know your customer) practices being adopted in Blockchain are key contributors to its widespread acceptance.Automation is leading the way things are being done in today’s world – simple tasks which are repeatable and with a defined behavior and pattern are best candidates for automation. Lots of tools/techniques are available in the market that help achieve it. Even a simple Unix script written that can execute the task unattended is automation in its simplest terms. Oracle’s announcement of Oracle 18c – autonomous / self-driving database is a perfect example of automation.We must apply automation in everything we do. Mundane work must be done manually only once, and the next time around, it must be automated.Cloud Computing is gaining significant traction in IT world with more and more clients planning to adopt cloud (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, Public/Hybrid cloud) and has completely change the way clients consume technology. More and more clients are investing heavily in cloud computing to free bandwidth of their Information Technology resources in handling more complex/business oriented tasks thereby leading to a better Return on Investment (ROI) and Total cost of Ownership (TCO). Typical examples are – Infrastructure and Datacenter outsourcing, Software on the cloud e.g. salesforce, workday leading to lower operational costs, better catalog based services model. Cloud has truly become one of the mainstream core technology on which businesses run.


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