The of terrorists they both belong to.

The Book is called The New Jackals. It was published in 1999 in Great
Britain. The publisher was Andre Deutsch Limited. It was also printed in
the UK. The book has 284 pages but there are 8 pages of pictures like the
twin tower and pictures of these two’s mass destruction.

The characters that are in the book are Osama Bin Laden, Ramzi Yousef
plus the group of terrorists they both belong to.

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The first bombing was the Twin Towers. It happened on February
26,1993. Where Ramzi Yousef planted a van filled with explosives in the
underground parking of the World Trade Center. Thank God the World Trade
Center did not blow up. It only damaged it. The size of the bombs that
Yousef used had a velocity of15, 000 ft per second and usually the velocity
of a bomb is 3,000 ft per second. Some of the things that were in the bombs
were aluminium azide, magnesium azide and also bottled hydrogen. Yousef is
a bomb mastermind. On March 4 they searched Mohammad Salameh’s apartment
and found a whole bunch of phone numbers of suspects that could be
connected to the World Trade Center bombing. They also check phone records
and found that he was making phone calls to Yousef when he was in the U.S.

After they found out Yousef was the person behind all of this Yousef was
one of the most wanted men in the world. Now Yousef was on the run.

February 7th 1995 Yousef was arrested. Then after Yousef gets arrested the
book goes through and let’s you find things out about him like were he grew
up and took university and stuff like that. Plus it tells us about when he
first came to America. Yousef came to America in the summer of 1991. Then
it starts to get into Osama Bin Laden after Yousef is arrested. First Osama
did little terrorist things well they would only think there little but we
think they are big he blew up and killed U.S soldiers. In 1993 after WTC
bombing they considered Osama a big threat. June 1993 Osama was involved
in attempt killing of Prince Abdullah. 1995 the CIA linked Osama being a
big terrorist. In 1996 Osama was funding Islamic militants. August 6 1998
Osama bombed a U.S embassy. And at the end of the book it tells about
future of terrorists and things like that.

The theme of the book is to show how cruel people can be. They go
around blowing things up. I didn’t mind the book it was neat how it showed
how the terrorist planned how to blow some stuff up. Overall I would give
the book a 7 out of 10