Blue 105ft. Over the past 100 years due

Blue whale are considered the world’s most largest
animal, they weigh around 220,000lbs – 352,000lbs with lengths of about 80ft –
105ft. Over the past 100 years due to being hunted by humans, their population
declined from two hundred thousand to only about twenty thousand. Soon after
the change in population, the species was listed as an endangered species and
were then legally protected under the law by 1970s. Even though the population continued
to fall due to climate change, more specifically, Global warming. This poses a
threat to blue whale population due to the melting the ice sheets at poles. Blue
whales play a significant part in perpetuating a stable food chain and keeping
other various species from overpopulating the ocean. For example, a blue whale
can consume 40 million trill per day. If suddenly these whales disappeared, for
some time it may seem like it’s good that some of these species don’t have such
a brutal predator, but overtime we will see the effects, overpopulation is a
major one which may lead to destruction of the whole food chain. Secondly, Blue
Whales also help offset of carbon from the atmosphere in order to provide a healthier
and cleaner breathing environment for all species living in an ocean, which is
achieved by their poop, yes, their poop which helps the growth of
phytoplankton, a species of plants which highly contributes to the offset of
carbon from the atmosphere. It’s estimated that about 400,000 tons of carbon is
extracted from the atmosphere because of these enormous creatures. Blue whales
are found in polar and subtropical waters around the world oceans. These
creatures migrate two times in a year. During summer they are found in Arctic
and Antarctic where they tend to eat ample amounts of food then they move to
less rich, warmer waters during winter where they breed. In order to preserve
the Blue Whales, US National Marine Fisheries Services currently lists them
under the Endangered Species Act, ensuring their protection under the law.