Being notice this girl he is with

Being a new boy in high school can be very difficult.
Because everybody is just trying to fit in and be accepted into the popular
crowds. As for Josh Crawford it was particularly difficult because he was just
the average boy, well brought up and still finding his passion but trying his
best to get through school and not always the most popular. Unfortunately for
Josh he was easily influenced and being a part of a big school in hostel didn’t
help at all, because he desperately wanted to fit and be accepted.

Within the first few days of being in hostel with the
most reckless boys in his grade he tried to make friends with them but remain
far from the naughty and disrespectful antics they got up to. As days turned to
weeks, and weeks turned to months, Josh remained true to himself but started to
realize he become more desperate to become part of this crowd because he would
greet these boys more than twice a day and happen to linger around the boys
like a bad fart. Until one day in Physics class he arrived and found one of the
boys in his seat but was too scared to make a scene so looked for any open seat
and came across an open one where a girl sat, Tracey who was somewhat the same
type of character as himself – only far more involved in the grade and accepted
slightly more than josh.

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So josh plucked up the courage to go and sit next to
her and as he approached the desk she offered before he could even ask which
enlighten so much that it trigged a talkative side of josh he even knew he
never had. Overtime he built a very stable relationship with Tracey, the group
of boys notice this girl he is with and start to greet him when he is not just
with Tracey but by himself. For this time being he had slowly started to stop
worrying about now fitting in and being accepted because he was finding his

And as he grew and cherished what he was becoming, he
couldn’t have asked for better he started to hang out with this popular crowd,
which made him feel important and happier than before and slowly started to
become like them, talk like them and act slightly like them in class but would
try remain himself with Tracey but Tracey started to realize what he was
becoming like them but Josh promised he would never become like one of them and
stay true to himself.

Until one day the he was dared by the boys to trip a
boy they were walking with on their way to Physics but josh never realized the
flight of stairs below and blinded by the excitement, he tripped the boy, who
fell down the stairs and never got up and them finding it historical then came
to their senses the he could get up and the Physics teacher came running out to
see what the commotion was and saw the boy lying there. And Tracey just looked
at josh in sheer disappointment.

And before he knew it he was suspended and had charges
against him, and within a few weeks with no response from nor his “friends” or
Tracey. He arrived back at school, although this time with no one and back
where he started only to find out that the boy was paralyzed for life.  After a while he realized the severity of his
actions and what he lost a true friend and independence and gained the sight of
how kids are easily influenced by the people around them in this day in age.






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