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Being able to take charge and be in control (, 2017) is a skill required to be a teacher. Teachers need to be able to teach effectively by being able to control a class and instruct them accordingly. This is a skill I have developed at university. Doing a geography degree has involved my doing fieldwork where in some circumstances I have been the ‘leader’ of the group, this is because I am confident with speaking to strangers and others may not be as confident as I am. This has led me to make sure everyone in the group is participating and getting the task done on time and to the highest standard. This skill I have improved immensely on since starting university as before I would not have taken control of a crowd by choice. Linked into this is negotiation, this is an essential skill for teaching. I have found this through assisting in a classroom, and I find that it is needed for all ages (primary and secondary). I feel like I have developed this skill in university as during this time I have had to negotiate and compromise in some situations. An example of a situation that I have been in and has required negotiation is working in groups to complete work. People may not always see eye to eye on certain things and a compromise needs to be reached, in order to reach a decision negotiation is needed. I feel that I am not better at negotiating and have improved this skill as I am confident in speaking up now instead of just agreeing with someone even though I knew this wasn’t the right decision. This is a result of doing a geographical degree as it has required me to use this skill whereas I know I wouldn’t have improved otherwise.During my time at university, I feel that I have developed my skills in decision making and using my initiative. This is because I have had to be a lot more independent than school and sixth form. This in turn led me to use my initiative a lot more and become a lot better, such as making use of a lot of resources I would never have used otherwise and finding vital information to include in my assignments. I have also improved on making decisions immensely since starting university as I have been put in situations such as completing assignments and group work that have needed me to make big decisions as to what direction I would take my work. Using your Initiative and being able to make decisions (TARGETjobs, 2017) on the spot are also good skills to have as a teacher. I feel that all the skills needed for becoming a teacher I have either gained or massively developed since starting my geography degree.


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