Because in one year, this doesn’t include the

Because of the famines that Ethiopia
experiences most every year, there is usually an increase in the amount of
people malnourished. This year, 11to 14 million people are expected to go
hungry leaving many to starve to death. Ethiopia has experienced many draughts
like these, the worst however, being in 1983. This draught lasted two years and
the draught alone killed over 400,000 people in one year, this doesn’t include
the deaths that were due to starvation (

Another factor that causes starvation in Ethiopia is its economy. Ethiopia is
in and has always been in a very poor economic state. Crops account for 41% of
the country’s GDP however; the draughts kill most of the crops, leaving the
country with few exports, resulting in one of the poorest economies in the
world. Recently, Ethiopia became one of the fastest growing non-oil dependent
countries, but only for two years (2007 – 2008). While the country did receive
a spike in their GDP, it did not last long, and the country is back down to a
low GDP of 94.756 billion dollars compared to the United States GDP of 15.04
trillion dollars. This poor economy is a huge contributor as to why million and
millions of people living in Ethiopia starve to death every year. With a poor
economy, come poor households, meaning that families are not able to supply
themselves with proper nourishment leaving families to perish
Ethiopia is not only one of the poorest countries in the world but also has one
of the highest mortality rates. A terrible fact is that per 1000 children under
the age of five, 169 or 17%, of these children will perish due to malnourishment.

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These children never had the chance to live a life, because they were
unfortunate enough to be born into an unfair world, where they starve to death,
feeling pain every day for their entire “life.” Another fact is that the life
expectancy is only 46, compared to the U.S.’s 77. That’s enough time to raise a
second family for someone living in the U.S., it’s not right that these people
don’t have that chance. The infant mortality rate is also appallingly high at
112 per 1000 infants. These newborns don’t even have the chance to a life
because they weren’t fed, or developed disease that could have been evaded had
they had their strength from nourishment. 47% of children under the age of five
are severely underweight, meaning that since they were born, they haven’t been
fed properly…that’s 1,825 days of eating the bare minimum if at all
( In Ethiopia, 1 in 7 pregnant
women die due to complications of the birth. In later studies it has been
proven that a major factor in this is that these women don’t have the health
that they should. The reason for this is because when one isn’t properly
nourished, the body isn’t functioning like it should because it doesn’t have
the nourishment it needs to sustain itself, and thusly is more apt for
infection or complications (Jide, 2010).

According to a 2005 article from Unicef, it was predicted that up to 170,000
children in Ethiopia will die due to malnutrition that year alone and 7 million
children will suffer from hunger (Sapa, 2005). If statistics follow the usual
trends, this number will increase as the years pass. Sadly these trends also
correspond with the number of deaths for other age groups. 
Ethiopia, while one of the leading countries in hunger, is not the only country
in the world suffering from starvation. Currently there are over 925 million
people in the world suffering from malnutrition. There are approximately 7
billion people in the world according to a 2010 statistic, this means that
about 1 in every 7 people in the world is going without proper nutrition

So what would you do if your body turned against itself, or felt the pain of
hunger every day for your entire life? Dying by starvation is one of the worst
possible deaths one could experience. Ethiopian suffers causalities every day
because of starvation; they watch their friends and loved ones wither away into
nothing. This travesty can’t be fixed for years to come, but it is possible to
relieve. If you want to help, you can visit and either donate money
or adopt a child/ family in Ethiopia.

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