Based SWOT strategy in analyzing and developing new

Based on
the concept that I had learned from Entrepreneurship, I learn how to deliver
value proposition to its targeted customers through different channels. Effective
channels will distribute a company’s value proposition in effective and fast
ways. Marketing channels such as through newspaper, radio and television and
media like Facebook and  Amozon. The
first decision to be made when trying to sell products or services to the
target market whether directly or through intermediary services. Nowadays,
Berjaya Media Berhad use online to update their latest news. Consumers can
this website to read the latest national and
international news.

Group Berhad apply the tools like SWOT strategy in analyzing and developing new
business models and strategies. SWOT Analysis is a useful technique for understanding our
company’s Strengths, and Weaknesses, and for identifying both the opportunities
open to us and the Threats we will be face. Strength and Weaknesses are often
internal to our organization, while opportunities and threats generally relate
to external factors. Company can use this strategy to identify what the
weakness for products and services that provide by the competitor company and
we can try to improve it in our new products. This can help us to compete with
competitor. This strategy allow the entrepreneur to understand each of the
strategies easily. This give company convenience to display their strategies.

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            Every people have the chance to
become an entrepreneur. To be an entrepreneur is not difficult matter, but to become
a successful entrepreneur is difficult. A successful entrepreneur will always
take hard work and persistence to achieve a desired achievement in their
businesses. If an entrepreneur decides just to stand at the current step, then
they may be override by other competitors. So, if want to be a successful
entrepreneur, they have to challenge themselves. In order to maintain the
market position, entrepreneur has to meet a lot of challenges and willing to
take risks.

            Entrepreneur must have the driven to
learn something new and adapt to new processes and technology that can make
their business stronger and more efficient. If they are passionate about what
they do, they will not feel that putting in long hours for their business will
feel like sacrifice their time. Each entrepreneur will have their own
criterion. Most of the criterions which can be found from majority of the entrepreneurs  are creativity, initiative, ability to learn
from mistake, right attitude, perseverance, passion and proactive. Every
entrepreneur will have different entrepreneurial features. Therefore, we should
not simply do the comparison between those successful entrepreneurs.

entrepreneur that I choose is Vincent Tan. He has fulfill the entrepreneurial
traits such as versatility, time competence, power of conviction and foresight.
The family background of Tan Sri Vincent Tan stimulates him to fight for his
own future. He is an admirable person as he builds his own success by his own.
He fights off the challenges that he faced during his journey of development
his business successful. He never gives up and until today, he has become a
successful entrepreneur. His success has brings a lot of prosperity to his
family. Before that, he faced financial crisis when he was kid, but now he has
brings much of the assets to his family. So, now his generation will not face
the financial crisis that he met before and they can further their studies at
oversea. It also a way that can help to fulfill vision of Tan Sri Vincent Tan
that he cannot achieve when he was young before.

            To be a successful
entrepreneur means that when they are making decision they have learned to
listen to their instinct and depends on their wisdom and knowledgeable. When
entrepreneur are believe in and trust themselves, it shows that they are
confidence. Majority of the people are more likely to follow and have faith in confident
leader as leader can lead them to overcome all the possible obstacles and gain
profit instead. When entrepreneur feel uncertain or facing problems, there’s
nothing wrong with asking help from people or find a mentor for advice, but
also have to learn to trust yourself and your own judgment without input from
others. Every entrepreneurs must learn to trust themselves as they are already
starting the journey of entrepreneurial success.

            Last but not least, to
become an entrepreneur is not difficult but being a successful entrepreneur is
difficult. A successful entrepreneur should be open minded to consider all the
factors that will bring the advantage and disadvantage to their business. When
entrepreneurs are making the decisions they should take count on all the consideration. A
successful entrepreneur can overcome all the risks they faced and take this
obstacles as an opportunity to develop their business. Normally  people take obstacles as a barrier from
success but actually obstacles can give us experience when we are planning to
run our business. So, entrepreneurs must accept the obstacles openly and


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