Avoiding SDMCET Dharwad, Karnataka 3Master of Engineering, Dept.

Avoiding Food Wastage

Sakri1, Anita Dixit2, Sanjiva G3

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Professor, Dept. of ISE, SDMCET Dharwad, Karnataka

3Master of
Engineering, Dept. of ISE, SDMCET Dharwad, Karnataka




ABSTRACT- The amount
in the increase of wastage in terms of food makes the need for charity
in terms of donation. This paper presents ‘Helping Hands’, a new internet-based
application that provides a platform for donating old stuff and leftover food
to all needy people/organizations. It provides information about the motivation
to come up with such an application, thereby describing the existing donation
system and how the proposed product works for the development of society. This
product is visible to be a successful in producing of donating things to
organizations, etc. over the internet. It shows the potential for avoiding the
wastage of food and other stuff.



KEYWORDS- Online donation, Password, research, waste management, inventory





 In highly populated countries like India, food wastage is a disturbing
issue. The streets, garbage bins and landfills have ample proof to prove it.
Marriages, canteens, restaurants, social and family get-togethers and functions
expel out so much food. Food wastage is not only an indication of hunger, but
also of many economic problems. The highly standard of living has resulted in
the wastage of food. because of quick changes in habits and lifestyle. Instead
of wasting these things we can put them in use by donating them to various
organizations such as orphanages, old age homes, etc. This is a internet based
application that basically aims at charity through donations.





Most of the people don’t know how much food they throw away
every day from uneaten left overs to spoiled


Produce. About 95 percent of the food
we throw away Ends up in landfills. In 2013, we disposed more than 35 million
tons of food waste. Many of the people wish is that to donate things to needy
organizations. Also, many organizations wish to ask for various things required
by them such as clothes, food, utensils, etc., but there is no source available
through which they can satisfy their requirements. Thereby, an application has
been developed through which people can donate items as per their capacity and
the application also allows organizations to put up their requests, i.e. items
required by them, if any. The majority of the population today uses with active
internet connection, which is the basic requirement for this product to
function properly.





The product aims at satisfying the
requirements of needy organizations through donations over the net. The
application shall ask the user/donor to register his/her details into the
system and then he/she can login and put up items to donate. Similarly,
organizations can register in the system and then put up their item
requirements. Also, a donor can view the list of items put up by seekers and
can donate the same, if possible. In the same way, seekers can view the list of
items put up by donors and if required, can claim the donated item by
contacting the donor. The application is developed using Macromedia Dreamweaver
MX 2004 and the languages used are HTML, PHP and JavaScript. The main
objectives of the proposed application include reduction in wastage of food,
making food available to orphanages, old age homes and other such
organizations, which will also inculcate values of sharing and sensitivity
among people.






people donate stuff manually by visiting each organization number of times. In
order to reduce the problems of food wastage, have taken efforts to help people donate their surplus food
to shelters through their official website, where in people can donate food,
donate funds and also volunteer for various activities.





The proposed application
is developed on Multimedia Dreamweaver MX 2004 using HTML, PHP and JavaScript
requires internet connection and will provide a platform for donors and seekers
after they successfully register into the system. If a user wishes to donate
something, he/she can send a message in application. This message will be shown
as notification in donations tab to other users. This message will be stored in
backend in the database. Once a notification is sent, the orphanages who wish
to claim the donations can reply to the donor and contact him/her. The user
interface of this system will be simple and user-friendly, and the targeted
system is android. At present, we are aiming to avoid the major wastage that
usually happens in India and that is foodstuffs. We are looking and expecting
to update and refine the same which will add up to efficiency and utility of
the application. Also the application will be beneficial if donors and seekers
are located near each other. The use case diagram shown above describes 3
actors – Donor, Receiver and Admin. The Donor performs operations like
Registration and Login into the System. He can also put up items for donation
and view all donation requests (items required by organizations). The Admin and
Donor both can view the Receiver’s location. The Admin can also monitor and
update the database. The Admin and Receiver both can view the Donor’s location.
The Receiver can also
perform operations like requesting for items, viewing requested Items and
claiming donations.















































Fig .1 Use Case Diagram.






These are some of the screens
of our developed software.





First screen shows user that is
donating needs to fill in all the details about item user wish to donate.
Second screen is about all the details of organizations displayed after
accepting the request for item by the user. Third screen is for donor/receiver
to inform the user.





proposed application shall reduce food wastage and also fulfill other
requirements of needy organizations.





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JavaScript syntaxes, www.w3schools.com.

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