Australia its cultural identity to take better advantage

Australia taking
advantage of the Asian century is evidently the greatest political and economic
step for the country. As is evident, Australia’s involvement as a nation is
increasing more and more with Asia culturally and economically. This action, will
have a guaranteed effect on the country. Altering the countries cultural identity
to in turn take advantage of the Asian century is a vital path for the successfulness
of the nation’s economic progress.  One of
the greatest paths to continuous change in cultural identity is with education,
also referred to as “Asia literacy” which can be summed up as the study of
skills, histories, cultures and geographies of the Asia region (Leong 2017). Why
Australia and how it should continue to change its cultural identity will be explained
further in the following paragraphs.




It is clear that Asia has an enormous
influence on the world and especially on Australia. Asia is home to two –
thirds of the worlds people and with time it will soon enough become the
largest producer and consumer in the world (Australian curriculum) Australia is
currently tied to Asia mostly through trade as almost 71% of Australia’s
exports are from Asia (Australian curriculum) this is clear evidence and reason
as to why Australia needs to continue to change and alter its cultural identity
to take better advantage of the Asian century as the economic gain for
Australia through its engagement with Asia is undeniable (Australian curriculum)
Asia has already changed and benefited the Australian economy which is why we
should see our regional location and the Asian century as an opportunity and
grasp every benefit of it. The global Centre of the world is steering to our
region,  according to Henry (2012) “the
tyranny of distance is being replaced by the prospects of proximity”, therefore
it is clear that Australia, the lucky country, is located in the right place at
the right time, in the Asian region in the Asian century, so why not take
advantage and thrive for a stronger nation. (Henry 2012)

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In order to strengthen its
relationship with Asia, Australia must change its cultural identity even
further than what is currently taking place in the nation. Continuous and
permanent change to Australia’s cultural identity can occur through various
aspects of society. One aspect in particular, and as I believe the most
important is through education. One of the most important and even a key
requirement to further this relationship would be Asian literacy being taught
to the youth (Australian curriculum) the Asian literacy will bring forward Australia
with a strong stance to the Asian region, allowing Australians to take
advantage of the social and economic opportunities of the region (ABC 2012) giving
the people of Australia an extensive insight into the history of the Asian region
as well as their shared history with Australia will not only expand their
cultural understanding of Asian societies, cultures and beliefs but it will
also higher the chance of successful participation in the “Asian century”. (Australian
curriculum) with Australia’s changed cultural identity not only will we benefit
internally but also globally and create a larger creative capital by taking
advantage of the Asian century(Australian curriculum)




the importance of Australia
maintaining a strong relationship with Asia cannot be emphasized enough. Australia’s
future is permanently tied to Asia, due to its geographical location (Henry 2012). Creating links with Asia
are more cultural than they are economic or political (Henry
2012) creating a stronger relationship with the Asian
region is the Australian governments leading role, however, educational and
cultural institutions also play and important role (Henry
2012). Australia has to go further than engage with Asia
economically, the way Asia is spoken about in Australia must be redefined
(Leong 2017). The term Asia literacy itself should be seen more than just a way
to connect but as a branch of Australia’s economic policies (Leong 2017).These stronger
relationships with the region will create deeper knowledge for Australians
which will then enable us to access to benefits of growth in the region (Henry 2012). Being part of the Asian
century is surely a path to future prosperity for the nation and it very important
not to be left behind in the Asian century (Johnson 2010)


Therefore, we can come
to clear conclusion that Australia should and must continue to change its cultural
identity to better take advantage of the Asian century. Taking advantage of the
Asian century will no doubt have great benefits for Australia economically as Australia’s
future success and even security is inevitably linked to what happens in the Asia
region (Australian government 2012). due to Asia’s economic growth the security
environment in the region is shifting and Australia must take advantage of this.
As a nation we must broaden our knowledge of Asian cultures and languages to in
turn become more Asian literate, these skills are essential to build stronger
relationships across the Asian region (Henry 2012), with the educating of youth
they will understand Asian societies and culture and therefore have the skills
and knowledge to communicate with the people of Asia so they can  live, work and learn in the region (Australian
curriculum). we must do all this and take advantage of the Asian century due to
our global location, Australia is greatly involved in the Asian market. As
Australia’s future is permanently tied to the stability of its region it is
vital and essential for us to grasp and take advantage of what is around us, Australia
must continue to support a greater role for Asian countries (Henry 2012). although this success in taking
advantage of the Asian century means that the whole nation my play its part it
must be done so that we can contribute, learn from and take full advantage of
the Asian century (Henry 2012). And since geographic closeness does not guarantee a
nations relationship with the other, it is important for Australia to become
Asia literate to successfully engage with Asia (ABC 2012). as the world we are
living in now is no doubt the Asian century and Asia is bringing change to the
world, we must take this opportunity to grow and rise with Asia, if not done
now Australia will most certainly fall behind economically.




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