Attitudes (HBU) than that of those at

Attitudes toward romantically involved,
interracial couples were examined in the study preformed by Field, Kimuna, and
Straus (2013). The data was collected at one Canadian and four American
universities during the 2001-2002 academic year. The data sample allowed
researchers to compare attitudes toward interracial relationships at both
historically Black universities (HBU) and predominately White universities
(PWU). Results showed that attitudes toward interracial couples were less positive
at (HBU) than that of those at (PWU). “Overall, Black students disapproved of
interracial dating more commonly than White students” (Field, Kimuna, &
Straus, 2013, p. 741) In addition, Asian/White couples received more favorable
attitudes from students than Black/White couples did. The study found no
statistically significant differences between males and females in their
attitude toward interracial dating. Students also reported the perceived
attitudes of parents concerning interracial relationships. The data showed that
there was a clear racial divide pertaining to the parent’s perceived attitudes.

White students believed that their parents were least approving toward
interracial dating and marriage.

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