At present, with the rapid development of ecology,

At present, with
the rapid development of ecology, many people think that money is very
important for them so that they always pay lot of attention to earn the money,
because of this, there is a question always being debated by people, is money
more important than happiness? We find a lot of research paper about the relationship
between the happiness and money from the library and the internet, we got some
useful information to support our opinion. After analysis the credible sources,
we found that money just a small part of happiness. Happiness contain freedom,
family and friends, as well as enriching the life. In conclusion, happiness is
more important than money.


What is happiness? If a person has a lot
of money, will he be happy? These two questions indicate the relationship
between money and happiness. Today, people put money first, they work hard to
earn money, because without money, he can’t do a lot of things, indeed, we need
money. When people get married, the first thing they have to do is to have
enough money to buy a house, and the money looks like everything. However, in
my view, money is only a small part of happiness in life. The truth of
happiness is these three things: first, we can control our lives and do our own
things. Second, we could keep in touch with others. Third, We can give full
play to our potential and ability.

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To some extent, people live in this free
time. Happiness should be that people can have their own space to choose their
own way of life, and their life will not be tied up by others or a lot of
helpless things. In this world, The thing is impossible to be the most
excellent,putting too much effort for earning money requires you to pay the
cost of freedom, it would be too busy for you to enjoy the freedom and
happiness that you ought to have.A new study, published in the Journal of personality
and social psychology, shows that freedom and autonomy are more important than
money at the social level (Diener,2002). Money can not buy freedom, but money
does make it much easier to get these goals. When you are rich, you don’t have
to worry about basic knowledge. When you are rich, you can take care of your
physical needs, such as looking for food and water. You can also better take
care of your body and your property, and be able to sleep in a safe place. But
in fact, “We always think if we have more money, we will be more happy,but
when we get there, we will not” Amherst College psychology professor
Catherine Sanderson said, the more you do, the more we want . If the rich are
obsessed with protecting or getting more money, I don’t think money will buy
freedom. Money is just a tool. It’s only useful because it can help you achieve
your goals temporarily, but it doesn’t actually bring you free happiness.Daniel
Gilbert, a professor of psychology at Harvard University and the author of
happy stumbling,said that once you have met the basic human needs, more money
will not bring more happiness. Take The Onassis family for an example, the two
year old daughter of the Greek King of Greece has a personal property of 4
billion dollars, but she has to receive 50 intimidation letters on average
every week. For her safety, the ship had to shut her up in the king’s house
strong defense preparations. The little girl has a $4 billion as
“rich”, but she is not happy, just $4 billion into a wall, the little
girl was stuck in the wall inside the “prisoner”. As an old saying
goes,life is precious, love is higher. If it is for freedom, both can be
thrown.Obviously, after guaranteeing the basic living conditions, the happiness
brought by freedom is more important in people’s life. Money is only a small
factor to ensure life, and too much emphasis on money will lose freedom.

Friends, colleagues and family are the panacea. The people are more
happy than those who don’t have a stable and loyal relationship. Numerous
studies have shown that making friends is important. A large-scale survey
conducted by University of Chicago’s National Public Opinion Research Center
(NORC), for example, has found that 50% of five or more close friends are more
likely to describe themselves as “very happy” than those with smaller
social circles. Compared with the growing happiness of human beings, the power
of money does seem pale. So, hold a party and arrange regular lunch dates, no
matter what you need to invest in your friendship.In our materialistic world of
today, money may seem much more valuable than friends. But as the old saying
goes, money can never buy happiness. Therefore the company of a human is much
more important. Money may bring you short-term happiness but it is incomparable
to the endless happiness and love a friendship can provide. Money can also
never buy you true companionship. It can never give you a person who will
always be there for you and love you unconditionally. Although the idea of
poverty may seem life threatening, if you have a friend by your side at rough
times, then poverty may not seem as horrible as it should, as two minds work
better than one.People who have no money are not necessarily unhappy, but a
lonely man must be unhappy. Loneliness is more like eating away from the
ability and desire of the lost person to escape from the predicament. As
Gretchen Rubin (2009) wrote in Better than Before, “loneliness causes
people to become more vulnerable and negative, and is more likely to fall into
self criticism and eventually make this person fragmented.”At present,
there were some unhealthy phenomena appeared, in a rich family, although the
children do not need to think of the problem of food and clothing , but they
also have a unhappy childhood, this is because they lack the accompany of
parents, their parents think that as long as they can earn enough money to give
the child comfortable living conditions,it has been able to make the children
happy, just ignore that the warmth of happiness is more helpful than money with
for children’s growing up.”


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