At poor were split off their scandalous utopia.

At our very own profound realization of
indulgences and sins proclaimed since the Reformation, also referred as the
Protestant Reformation, came poverty. During this 16th century in the Catholic
Church, Clergy abuse led people to criticize their belief against God’s will
and the bible. At first, none of the churches or any priests were able to
dialect its testament or know what Christianity is. So they started their
business by selling a one-way ticket into Heaven, created gibberish teaching
and folklore for money and immorally indulge themselves. The riches, the nobles
were only standards to support them while the poor were split off their
scandalous utopia. Not long before Martin Luther, a religious reformer in Rome,
translate the Bible and documented his 95 theses to the archbishop objecting
their sham. The term, Reformation, was considered a religious duty to help the
poor and alleviate their suffering according to the bible. 


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