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1: Transport Planning


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and cities are working similar to living organisms . Their prosperity
and liveability depends on their lifeblood of residents, workers,
goods and materials being able to move around and about. So it is
worth to consider the idea of developing and re-developing our towns
and cities to start from insight into their transport infrastructure
– a kind of ‘x-ray’ view or a general big picture that can see
where their arterial structure is strong enough to support the
increased travel demand of new developments. Land use and spatial
planning has a strong relationship with transport and they greatly
influence each other.

The relationship between land use policies and development plans in
terms of transport

is central to all human activity. Our quality of life depends on
transport and easy access to jobs, shopping, leisure facilities and
services. We need a safe, efficient and integrated transport system
to support a strong and prosperous economy. But the way we travel and
the continued growth in road traffic is damaging our towns, harming
our countryside and contributing to global warming. In response to
these challenges, the government has to deliver an integrated
transport policy which provides a wider choice of transport and
supports sustainable development.

use planning has a key role in delivering an integrated transport
strategy. By shaping the pattern of development and influencing the
location, scale, density, design and mix of land uses, planning can
help to reduce the need to travel, reduce the length and number of
journeys and make it safer and easier for people to access jobs,
shopping, leisure facilities and services by public transport,
walking, and cycling. Consistent application of these planning
policies will help to reduce some of the need for car journeys by
reducing the physical separation of key services and enable people to
make sustainable transport choices. These policies are therefore
important in the overall approach to addressing the needs of
motorists, other road and public transport users, and business by
reducing congestion and pollution and achieving better access to
developments and facilities. They will also help to promote
sustainable distribution. In this way, planning policies can increase
the effectiveness of other transport policies and help maximise the
contribution of transport to improving our quality of life.

main objective of transport policies is to reduce car use and provide
sustainable public transport which is an attractive alternative to
customers. Land use planning policies are aiming for compact cities.
It means a high density of population and concentration of activities
and facilities in a limited area. This contributes to sustainable
transport as the closeness of facilities can reduce travel distance.
In ideal scenarios and if the layout of the development allows,
providing that distances are short enough, it can encourage walking
and cycling as an alternative to car use. On the other hand however,
individuals may still prefer using private cars. In case of mobility
issues, travelling with children or arrying heavy shopping or other
goods, private car can still be a more comfortable solution even for
short journeys.

use developments, where homes, workplaces, necessary facilities
(doctor’s surgeries, schools, pharmacies, shops, etc.) and leisure
activities are mix within the development, can also enable reduced
travel distances. If journeys to other places of activity are short,
it could support public transport usage for longer periods of the
day. It also happens however, that people do not live close to their
work or their daily activities require regular travelling outside the
development. This would lead to a persistence of in and out


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