Aside 67% weren’t counseled; 54% were unsure of

Aside from killing an
unborn child, we now know that abortion does more than just harming the child:
it also damages many women, leading to such problems as “higher rates of
suicide, depression, adjustment disorders, anxiety, bipolar disorder, sleep
disorders, drug and alcohol abuse, and psychiatric hospitalization”(Cougle,
Reardon, Colemen C158). However, in spite of it all, why is it that abortion
prevails in mainstream culture as precisely the only solution when a women or a
girl becomes pregnant, incapable of raising or keeping their child? There are
over 1.3 million legal abortions that take place in America each year.
Yet,  the sad irony is that over two
million couples wait to adopt : and that includes children of all races and
those with special needs(“Baby Developmental Facts – Prolife Across
America”). In addition, during the 1970s, adoption was talked about as
being forced among people, should we then also talk about forced abortion now?
Typically, people usually get pressured to abort their child most likely from
their parents, husbands, friends and family, doctors, landlords, partners,  trusted financial, academic, personal and or
religious guides, gatekeepers or authorities, and even profit-driven abortion
businesses. Studies suggest that 64% of women reported feeling pressured to
abort ; most felt rushed or uncertain, yet 67% weren’t counseled; 54% were
unsure of their decision, yet 67% received no counseling beforehand; 84% were
inadequately counseled beforehand;79% 
were not told or deceived about available resources; many were
misinformed by experts about fetal development, abortion alternatives or risks;
and many were denied essential personal, family, societal or economic support
(Hobbs). So, what is the issue with adoption? What makes it different from
abortion? The thing about abortion is that it involves
the fallout of pregnancy which is the death of a foetus. In most cases an
individual whom goes through with adoption can leave one feeling  ashamed and even guilty which are common
affects of abortion and wonder as to whether society will accept her choice,
without reprimanding her decision, or better yet, will she grow old thinking of
what could have been if she had not made that decision. On the other hand,
choosing adoption results in giving life to the child. Although adoption may
not always be the easiest choice, it can be a choice one can feel good about in
the end. There is nothing bad about giving a child away for adoption because it
simply means that instead of taking away the life of your child, you were
willing to put yourself and your needs aside for the good of your child’s
future. It means that you have that ability of choosing the life you would want
your child to have even when you knew you were not capable of providing that
life. As a result, many people believe that adoption is never the option, but
what they do not understand is that abortion and adoption have similar
things in common such as: continue to pursuing your goals and plans; continue
to live life independently the way you have always wanted; you would not have
to become a parent before you are ready; 
the freedom to choose if you want to have a long-term relationship with
the child’s biological father; and you can even proceed with your education or
career. Thus, adoption is a feasible alternative
to abortion and achieves the same outcome. Plus, with 1.5 million American
families in need of adopting a child, there is no such thing as an unwanted


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