Asian his ability or failure to establish satisfying

Asian women writers engaged themselves
in the task of to discuss the issues of empowerment and disempowerment,
highlight the tensions between a modern and tradition woman, to promote the
ideas of development to alleviate subjugation of women in socio-cultural

Mitra Phukan is one such Asian woman writer
who strives for the achievement of women’s liberation. She probes into a
reflection of the disturbed psyche of women who are victims of alienation and
male dominance. Her work The Collector’s Wife is
a symptomatic reading of the text through a postcolonial feminist lens. The
gendered realities existing amidst insurgency issues, student unrest, border
crossing, trouble in the tea gardens is the main thrust of the novel that makes
possible a probing of feminine experience in terms of identity, ethnicity,
gender, language and dispossession.

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central theme of her novel, The
Collector’s Wife is the existential predicament of women as an individual.
She projects this phenomenon through incompatible couple, in actuality,
sensitive wife but insensitive and un-understanding husband. Her fictional
milieu is the India in transition with its cultural and ethical values in the
melting pot. In this novel, one could sense the urge for a way of living, which
would respond to the inner most yearning of the India women for
self-emancipation and self-dignity.


influence of psychology on the analysis of human behaviour and as a consequence
in literature the portrayal of character in their psychoanalytic aspect owes
much to the findings of Freud. Psychoanalysis is the most widely recognised
theory in psychology having been integrated into our culture through novels,
poetry, drama and film criticism. According to the psychoanalytical view, the
human individual is regarded as the recipient of the turbulent intra psychic
impulses struggling to be set free. These are inner and unknown desires and
urges, to which the person is inherently subject but continually defends
against it.

attempts to discuss and explain the success or failure of the individual in
society, his ability or failure to establish satisfying relationships with
others, his character and character disturbances. It is concerned with the
dynamics of interpersonal relations and with the way the self is formed through
interactions with the familial and socio cultural environment.

In the novel, The Collector’s Wife psychoanalysis was used very well by Mitra
Phukan. The character of Rukmini is enveloped in loneliness. Rukmini’s
existence is affected by both internal and external riots. Rukmini’s husband
Siddharth, the collector, is totally engrossed in his work, especially tackling
the problems of insurgency and protest rallies. With a good bungalow in a
beautiful location and servants for all her daily chores, Rukmini is left with
not much work. So she misses the company and concern of her husband, they do
not have a child. But Siddharth does not seem to have any interest in anything
of household matter. Rukmini works as a part time lecturer in a college, she
seems to be frustrated trying to teach English to the students, who would not
show any interest in learning literature. This kind of loneliness, frustration
moves her into depression and the feeling of insecurity.


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