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As the play begins, Julius Caesar returns after defeating the sons of Pompey. The people of Rome celebrate this victory in the streets. As we read, we learn about two other characters Cassius, and Brutus. They show their fear of Caesars intent on being King. Cassius, Brutus, and the other conspirators plan on murdering Caesar at the so he does not reign over Rome. After all the conspirators kill Caesar, Brutus explains his reasoning in hope of winning over the crowd. Antony, Caesar’s companion seeks revenge on the conspirators and wants them to die. As Antony assembles his army and Brutus does the same, Cassius thinking they have lost, orders his servant to kill him. As Brutus lies to defeat to Antony he too kills himself. In the play Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare, the author uses incidents in which characters manipulate others by using language that deceives and flatters. The manipulation that occurs demonstrates a big idea of power of language.The first major time manipulation is used is with Cassius to Brutus. As Brutus waits in his house contemplating if Caesar will become corrupt when he becomes leader he receives a letter near the window.  The letter reads “Brutus, thou sleep’st. Awake, and see thyself…Shall Rome stand under one man’s awe, what Rome”. (Act II.I 48…54-55) Brutus reads this letter and now believes that the people of Rome believe in the same idea of a different Rome. We finish with the Words “speak,strike,redress”.(Act II.I 47) The language of manipulation is present in this scene because of the unknown letter. When we read we learn it was Cassius who devised to have someone put it there. What changes about the letter is the perception. The letter was not written by the Roman people, but by Cassius wich used it to strengthen Brutus and his ideas.Another act of manipulation can be seen with Brutus and his wife Portia. Portia sees that Brutus has been concerned. “Within the bond of marriage, tell me, Brutus. Is it expected I should know no secrets…If it be no more, Portia is Brutus’ harlot, not his wife”.(Act II.1 302-311) Portia uses this powerful language to describe that she is no different than any other man. She furthers her point by saying that if Brutus does not tell her anything that she is nothing more than a toy for him. To prove her point, Portia takes a knife and stabs herself into the thigh after demanding more respect from her husband. With not only words but also actions she manipulates Brutus of thinking higher of her. Although not much more is mentioned of Portia other then her death, we can that the language she used had changed brutus intellect on his wife.Throughout the play, the author has characters manipulate others by using language that deceives and flatters others. With this power of language characters do acts that they would not have done originally. This can be seen in many examples in characters such as Brutus, Antony, Portia, and Cassius. This strong use of language manipulates others so much that it makes a for a tragic ending.


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