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As technology has reached its peak levels in development, the scientists started to involve ethics in science. Ethics are defined as a moral principle that leads a person to different behavior with his/her own decision and opinion. On the other hand, science is a huge world full of knowledge and experiments that depends more on concepts and facts. My colleague and I discussed several scientific issues. Therefore, I decided to choose a research topic related to data chip implants because I’m interested in learning about electronics and their specifications especially on strange inventions with modern technology features. Additionally, it’s an attractive topic as data chip implants are a helpful invention with risky issues at the same time. Another point, it’s a contemporary invention and there are many question marks in my mind. For example, what are the advantages and disadvantages of the data chip implants? What are the future effects of this device? How does it work? What is the purpose of the data chip? The data chip is an advanced device that gets implanted into a human body commonly on their hands. It’s sized up to a grain of rice, this device named “Microchip” in science. Moreover, Some People implanted it at birth while others use it for different reasons. These people who implanted this microchip to their bodies called “body hackers” because they are monitored to storage-specific information such as medical records for patients and doctors, security information or financial data for government employers. Furthermore, Body hackers may be controlled in the future by a very small chip, which works by radio frequency identification (RFID) technology.


I tried to choose my resources accurately. Therefore, I chose 4 different resources, 3 of them are articles and the final one is a dictionary to have enough background about the topic. Firstly, “J.Reilly Center, Data chip implants” I chose this website because this article is documented and has the copyright from a famous university. Also, it’s attached with some pictures and useful resources. Secondly, “Dimove, Human-implanted RFID chips” I used this website because it has clear and organized points with detailed explanation. Thirdly, “EDWARDS, Microchip Implant to Link Your Health Records, Credit History, Social Security” I used this article to understand the topic carefully and expand my knowledge as it includes a colorful mental map that summarizes the main points. Finally, “Oxford dictionary” I chose this dictionary because it’s a formal website recognized by Oxford University and includes explained definitions with suitable examples. From my point of view, data chip implant’s disadvantages are more than its advantages because its a risky device that lives in humans every day which affects negatively the person’s health such as infection by cancer. Another point, it’s uncomfortable to be monitored continuously and save the personal data in the electronic device because someone may hack it.

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