As don’t always get everything I want. In

As a student from a
middle-income family, life isn’t necessarily hard but I also don’t always get
everything I want. In fact, I feel content. Whenever my family and I have
leisure time, we will sit around and share something with each other. This is my
first conscious experience with happiness. Another of my experiences with
happiness come from my friends. They have always been the silent supporters
behind my glory and my refuge on the stormy days of my life. I always feel the fundamental
love from them. Last, I am also pleased when I make progress. I once attended a
volunteer work. We went to the rural area to help the local students learning
and accompanied them. I had never engaged in such activity before, but I did
experience lots of matters. I was sure that it significantly made me learn to
adapt to a new environment. Moreover, the sighting of the life of the poor
definitely served as a warning to me and let me cherish what I had now. The
time we were about to leave, I saw the innocent smile on the children’s face. I
soon realized that happiness is the meaning of the moment to you, and it is
about how much we value our experience at that moment.