As Talking to your teacher and covering topics

As the semester gets closer and closer
the stress of raising your grades grows. The end of the semester grades are
very important, and with these tips you can raise them.

1.Turning in Missing Work

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Most teachers will give half credit
for late work you turn in, and a 50% is better than a 0%. If your teacher
doesn’t give half credit, you can always do them anyway because you’ll get
extra practice. And you might be able to change your teacher’s mind to get
partial credit for late assignments.

2. Talk to your teacher

You might be able to get extra credit
to raise your grade or you could ask them to round your grade up a few points.
Even if they say no, you can still get extra help and go over things you don’t
understand as well. You can bring old tests and cover things you got wrong. Teachers
want to help you learn, so don’t be afraid to ask them for help understanding

3. Utilize Finals

Working hard and studying for your
finals to get a good grade on them are an effective way of raising your grade. Finals
are a big chunk of your grade and can make or break it. Making study groups
with your friends and using quizlet are a great way to prepare for the big
tests. Talking to your teacher and covering topics you don’t completely
understand is a good idea too.

4. Take Advantage of Participation

Asking questions and adding to
conversations in class is a good way to not only learn more, but earn
participation points too. These points are easy to earn, and can add up over
time. If your participation points are low, you can try raising them by asking
questions and contributing to classroom discussions.

5. Make a Study Plan

You can plan out how you will finish
your homework on time and prep for your finals. If you stick by it you can make
the last few days of the semester count, and you can also follow this plan for
the next semester to start out strong.z


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