Artificial intelligence. (Merriam-Webster, 2017)John McCarthy, known as father

Intelligence is defined as a branch of computer science which deals with
replica of intelligent behavior in computers. It is actually the capability of
machine to copy human intelligence. (Merriam-Webster, 2017)John McCarthy, known
as father of AI coined this term for the first time in 1955. He defined AI as
“the science and engineering of making intelligent machines”. (Schofield, 2011)

the use of AI, computer can already solve many problems. At first the AI
computers collects the information from the situation through human input and
give the best result based on collected information. For example, chess gameplayed
in computer. Likewise, some robots learn from copying humans. Like in Japan, roboticists teach robots how to dance by
demonstrating the moves by themselves. Similarly, Kiset, a robot at M.I.T’s AI
Lab, reacts accordingly by recognizing body language and voice variation. (Harris, 2002)

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Current Scenario:

Throughout the human history, technology was used to modernize.
The new technology was exploited to build intelligent agents and model which
could match human intelligence. The idea of machine intelligence becomes more
real with the development of computers (David L.
Poole, 2017). A humanoid
robot Sophia is granted with
citizenship of Saudi Arabia. She is the first robot in the world history to get
citizenship. This is the huge development in the field of AI (Cerullo,







intelligence (AI) is also flourishing in business by providing benefits in
different types of industries including electronics, human resources
management, financial, medicine, engineering as well as entertainment. The
development of AI was based on AI has also provided the help in data managing,
surgery, mining and many more. (Bai, 2011)


Features of Artificial Intelligence:


Artificial Intelligence is
getting quite used now-a-days. It is been used in every field. Like, it is used
for filtering incoming spam e-mail. It also personalizes user experience. The
websites which provide online services like Amazon, Netflix uses references
from our previous website and provide us relevant results in our later
purchase. AI is also been used for fraud detection in bank by monitoring
strange activity in account. And, speech recognition function is also optimize
by AI which includes intelligent personal assistants. For example, Siri as
personal assistant in Apple (Internet
Society, 2017). Intelligent
Tutorial System (ITS) is one of education facility provided by AI.

The AI tools are also begin
used in electrical devices. Those tools are used to monitor and find the faults
in devices. Researchers are working on those tools since past few years. With
the help of those tools, they are begin able to detect machine problems early
which have been saving time and extra hardwork. This has also prevented from
financial loss due to devastating consequences. (M.A. Awadallah, 2003)



2.3. Current Scenario in Nepal:


           Artificial Intelligence (AI) is
providing better customer experience in Nepal as well. In July 7 2016, Nepal
SBI Bank launched a humanoid robot named Pari. Pari is designed to greet and
guide the customers through different Bank’s functionalities. It was manufactured
by a group of young developers working in Paaila Technology (Glocal
khabar, 2017).
Similarly, recently opened new restaurant in Kathmandu, KKFC is also using a
programmed humanoid robot, Amy to serve food to customers. It moves through
magnetic strips on ground used optical sensing systems to come back and
collects meals. It is actually the first restaurant in Nepal using food serving
robot. (Lama, 2017)





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